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Here’s what should be on your weekly schedule to feel energized and productive

Have you ever woke up on Monday morning with so much hope for the week? You’re well rested from the weekend and you planned out your week with a detailed to-do list only to find out it’s Friday and you feel like you got nothing done. 

If this is you, don’t worry we’ve all been there so what do you need to do in a week to feel like you’re making progress? 

That is the big question, right? After all, we’re ambitious individuals who are looking to uplevel in some way but there never seems to be enough hours in the week to get everything done.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to lose sight of our true purpose. Especially with social media where you see people who look like they are juggling it all with ease.

But you’re over here feeling like you can’t keep up with the whirlwind of responsibilities making it impossible for self-reflection and personal growth.

After all, how could you possibly spend the time to go through those journal prompts when there is a never-ending list of chores?

However, by dedicating a portion of our week to intentional practices, we can reclaim our sense of purpose, while also nurturing our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

So the ‘perfect’ week is going to look different for us all but there are a few components that everyone should include. 

However, to set yourself up for success only add one new thing into your routine at a time. This isn’t a sprint after all and it will take time to change your routine and find one that works for you.

Because my routine is going to look different than yours and that’s okay. We all have different dreams and the way we choose to live our lives after all, that’s part of being human.

So below is what I suggest everyone tries to include in their weekly routine. It doesn’t have to be a drawn-out thing but incorporating the below rituals is going to make a huge difference.

It combines self-care, goal-setting, and mindset-building techniques to help you lead a more fulfilling and successful life so without further ado. 

1. Weekly Intentions and Review

Having a plan of action is crucial when it comes to a successful week. If you aren’t sure what to do in a week I would start with breaking down your goals. 

Large, ambitious goals can feel overwhelming and impossible to accomplish. Breaking down your big crazy goals into smaller, manageable tasks makes them seem more realistic and then you have the feeling of accomplishment quicker because you can check milestones off. 

Once you break down your goals, how are you going to move the needle forward this week? Be realistic about what you can do. This is how you set your weekly intentions and is a roadmap for what you hope to accomplish this upcoming week. 

Make sure you consider your other commitments for the week so that you can make a realistic plan that you can follow. 

If you have a weekend getaway planned then schedule time to make progress toward your goal at the beginning of the week. That way you aren’t competing against your social plans and your time to yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything monumental, small action steps work if you have a busy week. 

Consistency is key when making progress. It’s not about those big strides but the small baby steps along the way that are actually going to get you closer to your goal.

Then schedule it into your calendar. Make a to-do list of what you’ll do each day and treat it like it is a meeting with your manager or a doctor’s appointment that you can’t miss.

A well-organized to-do list is your best friend when it comes to productivity.

Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. Allocate time blocks to tackle specific items, allowing for a structured and focused day. 

And remember there should be times when you don’t have things scheduled. It is important to rest and have time to just be human. 

It’s equally as important to review your week. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out process but it’s a good way to see what is working and what isn’t.

Simply look back at your week and reflect on what went well, what didn’t, and how next week could be better. By taking the time to do this, you’ll be able to make progress faster because you can change your routine to one that better serves you in this season of life. 

Awareness is key to change and success. If you bring awareness to how you did then you can celebrate your achievements and use any setbacks as learning opportunities and an opportunity to pivot if needed.

2. Self-Care

Incorporating self-care into your weekly routine is super important. I encourage you to do something for yourself each and every day. Self-care doesn’t have to be this luxurious thing, it’s really all about taking the time for yourself.

It’s proof to yourself that you’re important and you deserve to be taken care of. By prioritizing self-care, you’ll maintain a healthy mind and body. 

For some inspiration, here’s my post on self-care ideas. that you can do at home. Remember, taking care of yourself isn’t selfish; it’s essential for your overall well-being so make sure you schedule this into your calendar each day.

3. Movement

An image of a woman's feet with sneakers on, she is currently walking on wooded boards. Movement is important to incorporate into your weekly routine when thinking of what to do in a week

Humans aren’t meant to be sedentary so it is super important to move. The other thing is to make sure you’re incorporating regular exercise into your routine. There are so many benefits to working out on a consistent basis. 

What I’m currently doing is lifting weights three times a week and then trying to walk as much as possible so it doesn’t have to be anything complicated.

Everyone should be walking and I know society is big on 10,000 steps a day but if this isn’t feasible, that’s okay. After all, you shouldn’t go from 0 to 100, that’s how you end up sore and back at square one. 

Small, baby steps to increasing movement are really key so start small. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself because then you won’t do it.  

Start by getting up every hour or by going on a 5-minute walk and once you’re doing that automatically then increase that walk or add in lifting weights or a Zumba class. Whatever sounds fun to you. 

It’s important to enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like a burden to do. Find the type of exercise you enjoy and stick to that. 

Movement is really going to help you feel more energized and ready to keep crushing your goals and routine throughout the week. 

4. Embrace the 80/20 Rule with Your Diet

To maintain your energy and not feel crappy, you have to eat a somewhere healthy diet but I truly believe balance is key. That’s where the 80/20 rule came from so that we can enjoy a happy hour out with friends or a date night with our significant other. 

Or if you just want to watch Netflix and have some ice cream.

We need vitamins and minerals that come from those healthier more nutritious foods but I’m a huge fan of fries so I don’t want to give those up. And while I can’t have them at every meal, having them at one during the week isn’t going to kill my health or progress. 

So aim for a diet that’s 80% nutritious and 20% indulgent. Plan your meals to ensure you’re nourishing your body while still enjoying the occasional treat.

5. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Growth happens outside our comfort zones. We have to leave our bubble to truly grow because if we don’t change anything, our lives will stay the same. 

And change isn’t something that we necessarily love as humans. I know I’m someone who is definitely a creature of habit so it can be hard to want to do something outside of what I’ve always done.

But that’s where the magic happens. That’s when you find the thing that lights you up, meet new friends, or find a new place that you love. 

So challenge yourself to try new experiences, whether it’s traveling to a new destination, taking up a hobby, or meeting new people.

6. Clean and Organize

I’m a big advocate of trying to do 20 minutes of cleaning each day. Now, I’m human and I haven’t perfected this yet but I would rather do 20 minutes every day than spend half my Saturday cleaning. 

However, if you love to get it done in one big cleaning marathon, the choice is up to you. It’s all about what works for your schedule. 

But it is so important to have a clean and organized space. Studies have shown that it is linked to having a more clear and focused mind! Here’s an article from CNET on why a clean environment is good for your mental health.

So if you have big goals and you feel scattered brain half the time, this could be a good place to start. And again, one baby step at a time. You don’t have to organize and clean your entire house. Focus on one area at a time before moving on to the next. 

Even organizing your photos, apps, and emails on your smartphone can make a huge difference. 

Organize your space, including your home and digital devices, to enhance productivity and reduce stress.

woman's arms reaching into a drawer that is very well organized. She is holding a container that looks like it's for face cream. There are other bathroom supplies in the drawer. Organizing is a great thing to do in a week

7. Connect with Friends and Family

If you’re an introvert, I know that you love your alone time but it is important to have deep meaningful connections with others.

And the great thing about technology is that you don’t have to leave your house to do it. You could call up a friend or Facetime your mom. 

By setting aside time for meaningful interactions, you’ll nurture these relationships into something really beautiful. It really doesn’t take that much effort to reach out to a loved one and I promise you it will make them feel special and loved. 

So try to connect with someone at least once a week in some way. Even texting back and forth could help you feel more connected with others. 

Share experiences, support one another, and cherish the connections that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

8. Practice Gratitude

What I like to do is to either write or think about three things I’m grateful for from the day before. It helps me find joy in the little things especially when I’m chasing these big goals that seem so far away. 

Because even if I’m not there yet, the everyday moments can be super special as well and it helps me live in the moment. We have to enjoy the journey because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 

So taking even 5 minute to think about all the amazing things that is happening in your life can make a huge difference. Even if you’re going through a tough time, try to find something small that makes you feel happy. 

9. Invest in Yourself

Another thing to do in a week is to learning something new. a woman is sitting at a desk looking at a laptop with a notebook in her hand. She has headphones on and a pencil in her other hand

This doesn’t have to be a monetary investment or something that is going to take all afternoon but take some time each week for personal development. 

This could involve reading books, taking online courses, watching YouTube videos where you learn something new, or attending workshops. 

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time. Even reading a few pages of a self-help book will make a difference because you’ll finish it eventually.

It’s not about the speed but taking those small actionable steps in the right direction consistency. 

By expanding your knowledge, you’re positioning yourself for long-term success so stay curious and open-minded. 

10. Have a Money Date with Yourself

It doesn’t hurt to take a moment to see where you’re money is going each week. Especially so it doesn’t come time to pay the bills and you’re like shoot, where’d all my money go? 

By setting aside time to review your finances each week, you’ll feel more empowered when making spending decisions and there won’t be any surprises at the end of the month. You’ll be able to fix issues quicker and be more aware of where your money is going. 

You’ll be able to be way more proactive instead of just reviewing it each month.

It’ll help you save more money and make progress toward your financial goals because you’re more intentional with your money and where it’s going. 

The added bonus is that it cuts the time down than if you tried to do it all at the end of the month.  

Create a budget, track your expenses, and set financial goals. This practice empowers you to take control of your financial future.

What to do in a week to be successful doesn’t have to be complicated

By incorporating these practices into your weekly routine, you’ll not only discover and nurture your life’s purpose and reach your goals but also cultivate a strong foundation for success and well-being. 

If you currently aren’t doing any of these things, that’s okay! We all start at square one but don’t overwhelm yourself by adding everything all at once. Pick one thing from the above list and find a way to add it to your routine in a small way. 

Once you’re comfortable doing that, then you can try to add something else. Also, it helps to look at your current schedule and see if there is anything that you could remove.

In my daily digital planner, there is a page where you can track your days and that’s really helpful when you’re first starting out to bring awareness into your routine. 

an image of my daily digital planner for tracking what you do in a week. It has pages that say a day in the life, weekly planner, weekly tracker, monday planner, goal planner, Tuesday Reflection

Of course, there are also pages to plan out your week with your goals so click here to grab a copy!

Remember, consistency is key, so commit to this holistic approach and watch as it transforms your life in ways you never thought possible. 

Embrace the journey, and let every week be a step closer to the fulfilling life you envision.

Until next time,


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