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Stay ahead of the mess with these printable weekly and monthly chore checklists

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After the holidays and with New Year’s resolutions, you may be looking for ways to have a cleaner, more organized home. I know for me it feels like I’m constantly cleaning and yet it seems like nothing is getting done. I knew I needed some kind of chore checklist.

I’m not a mom so I don’t know how moms with little children can maintain a clean home until I stumbled upon cleaning schedules. I’m a planner so creating an organized cleaning plan for the week has really helped me stay sane. It’s just me and my boyfriend but it seems like there are constantly dishes to do and messes to clean up. 

I’ve created a realistic cleaning checklist for all you busy bees out there.

What has been working for me is to schedule at least twenty minutes into my day to clean. Granted, I live in an apartment so if you have a large home, this time may be different. 

set a timer and clean for a realistic amount of time. This will help you get through the chore checklist

Find a time that works for you but I wouldn’t recommend anything over 45 minutes. You want to make sure this amount of time is realistic for you but doesn’t cause you to burnout.  

Depending on my schedule that day and how I’m feeling sometimes I will go over the 20 minutes but it’s a non-negotiable for me to clean for at least twenty minutes. I can definitely find 20 minutes in my busy day to clean especially since it is going to help future me not clean all weekend long. Future you will thank you when you have the extra time to spend with your loved ones or just relax!

During this time, prioritize what needs to be clean…

For me, this is the kitchen and the bathroom. I typically do not count dinner clean-up as part of my twenty minutes since sometimes that takes a while depending on what I’m cooking that night. 

For hygiene purposes, the kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks, especially the kitchen sink, toilets, and faucets should be at least wiped down daily to prevent the spread of germs. If you want to be grossed out, read this article from food and wine about the bacterias in our kitchens. Excuse me, while I go clean my kitchen …

When creating a cleaning schedule, I would absolutely assign tasks to different members of the household.

This provides accountability and ownership which allows the person to clean when they want to during that week. 

My mom had a rule when I was growing up that if there was anything by the bottom or top of the stairs that needed to go up or down (like laundry baskets) that when you walked by it, you grab it and brought it up or down the stairs. Guess who ended up bringing everything up and down the stairs… Sorry mom.

This is because there was no accountability. How would my mom know that I walked by the laundry basket and ignored it? Now, one of my assigned chores was to empty the dishwasher so I always emptied the dishwasher since I got in trouble if I didn’t. Accountability is important when motivating people. 

the chore checklists should be for everyone in the household

Splitting chores up with your partners can be a little more challenging than a parent just delegating tasks

Now that I have my own place, I’ve fallen into the same assumptions that my mom did. That my boyfriend will just know what I want him to clean. Spoiler, this is not the case. 

We work different schedules so he doesn’t always want to clean when I want to clean. This can be frustrating when there isn’t a clear owner since I always felt like I was doing all the cleaning. This led to arguments so assigning tasks have definitely helped reduce these kinds of arguments in our relationship. Everygirl has a good guide on how to split chores with your partner if you need some assistance with this. 

In my opinion, the best part about keeping to a cleaning schedule is that you avoid stress. 

If you keep to the schedule, you won’t have to devote an entire Saturday to cleaning. I know I am guilty of this and there are a million other things I would rather be doing on my day off. Like, spending time with my friends and family. 

If you clean up the mess within the day, it is easier to clean too since it hasn’t hardened and become one with the counter. I know you know what I’m talking about… when you gotta use that elbow grease on something that would have wiped off instantly if it was cleaned up right away.

I just feel a lot better relaxing in a clean home instead of looking around at all the mess. 

chore checklist can reduce stress

If you spread it out throughout the entire week or devote an entire morning, the results are the same; you’re going to have a clean house. Spreading it out just breaks it down into manageable pieces. Then on the weekends, you can relax guilt-free without worrying or thinking about everything that needs to get done. 

This helps avoid cleaning burnout. I know when I spend a few hours cleaning, I usually call it quits before everything is done. The procrastinator in me wins and I wait until next week to match the socks for example. 

Another benefit is that if everything is put away, you’ll know where everything is.

If you break up the chores throughout the week, I usually find myself with extra time during those twenty minutes to organize things I usually wouldn’t. I basically know where everything is and I’m not wasting time searching for keys that were randomly placed down or that shirt I wore two weeks ago since it’s been washed and put away. 

On top of that, if you have a cleaning schedule for monthly chores, you’ll actually clean things that are often overlooked or put off. If you schedule it into your week, then you can find the time to clean the oven or furniture. Eventually, you won’t even think about the daily stuff because it’ll be apart of your daily routine. It’ll come naturally like brushing your teeth. If you think about it, that’s a chore too. 

Your home will stay semi-clean the majority of the time. If an unexpected visitor stops by, you’re ready and don’t have to do a mad rush to tidy up.

If all this sounds fantastic and a weight off your shoulders, sign up for my email list for my FREE cleaning checklists and let me know what you think.

I’ve made it customizable so you can make it work for you and your family. You can see the examples below but there are multiple checklists so you can choose which layout works best for you.

You can decide if you want the daily tasks to be apart of your allocated time. This is something I would recommend. The more you clean, the easier it will be to keep your home clean because you are just maintaining it at that point. For weekly tasks, I suggest picking a day. I assigned a room for each day but you can switch days depending on what works for your schedule. I filled one out for you and provided two blank ones; one for each room and one for the day of the week so however you prefer to stay organized!

For monthly, I split it up evenly between the four weeks since the goal is to avoid doing too much cleaning on any day. I provided two options. One is organized by room and the other one is split up into four weeks. Again, you can move this around to whatever works best for you. It’s best to customize this to fit your family’s schedule.  This is why I also provided a blank template so you can fill it out with the chores that are most important to you and your home’s needs. 

I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible without going crazy. A little mess is okay after all since you want to be able to put your feet up and relax. If you need help decluttering, I also have a post on that and of course some checklists.

Anything else you would add to the chore checklists? Let me know in the comments below.

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Stay ahead of the mess with these printable weekly and monthly chore checklists

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