121 things to love about yourself

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There are so many things to love about YOU but if you aren’t sure, here are 121 ideas.

One of the saddest realities is that you are your harshest critic. I’m categorizing it as this because it is something that doesn’t have to be a reality. We chose to be tough on ourselves.

I know I can be pretty brutal to myself as well. 

In fact, a study found that women criticize themselves AT LEAST 8 times a day on average. That’s a lot of self-criticisms but sadly that doesn’t surprise me. 

I hear from friends and family about how they should have been better or should be skinnier. Should be this or that.

And as a society, we are conditioned to be the best. Number 1. 

The valedictorian.

The star soccer player.

The lead in the play.

“Perfect” (even though perfectionism doesn’t exist).

and everyone else is just subpar in comparison. Even though we all have our unique talents. I may be better at writing but you’re better at sports or reading. It doesn’t make either one of us less awesome.

But it is easy to feel this way, especially as a go-getter like yourself. With social media and all the perfectly curated social media feeds showing everyone’s best lives, it is easy to feel like you could be doing more.

That’s when self-love comes into play. Opening your heart to some self-love is truly a life-changing decision.

What is self-love?

Self-love is the art of loving yourself entirely, flaws and all. It’s a practice of creating an inner dialogue that is positive, rather than negative. 

It also means being proud of who you are, your accomplishments, and your goals, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. While it is great to receive love from family members, your partner or your best friend, if you don’t love yourself, it is going to be hard to truly believe it.

You know that time that someone said your handwriting is so pretty and you brushed it off and didn’t take the compliment? 

Without self love, we aren’t going to be able to receive the love from others. We aren’t going to be able to accept that compliment so it is important to do little things each day to build your love for yourself. 

Your self-love journey is not a linear journey. There are going to be many ebbs and flows but it is truly a wonderful thing. To be able to accept yourself fully and unconditionally gives you the courage to do anything that is on your heart.

121 things to love about yourself

This idea of creating a list of the things you love about yourself comes from a popular book by Radhika Sanghani. The book is called ‘30 things I love about myself‘ and is about a woman named Nina Mistry who celebrated her thirtieth birthday in a jail cell after hitting rock bottom. It is a heartfelt story about Nina’s journey of falling in love with herself after a book called How to Fix Your Shitty Life by Loving Yourself lands in her cell.

The bottom line of Nina’s story is the importance of finding ways to love yourself. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard there are lots of gems in this book. You can check it out on Amazon here.

But I think having a list of the things you love about yourself is a great tool to have when you’re feeling down. So if you need some inspiration, here is a list of things to love about yourself. 

Now, not everything will resonate with you and that’s okay. We are all our own unique individuals with our own talents and abilities. There are many different ways to show yourself some love but knowing what you love about yourself is a great place to start.

If you’re truly stuck, ask your loved ones. Remember, we are our own worst critics so they will have great things to say about you.

1. Your ability to be resilient

2. Your ambition

3. Your courage

4. Your excellent taste

5. Your sense of humor

6. Your compassion for others

7. The way you treat people with respect

8. The way you challenge yourself and never give up

9. Your ability to think outside the box

10. Your willingness to try new things

11. Your strength 

12. The way you share your insights and knowledge with the world

13. The way you face challenges head-on and never run away from them

14. Your ability to love and be loved

15. Your patience and understanding of others

16. Your positive attitude

17. Your athletic ability

18. Your beautiful soul that radiates kindness and positivity

19. Your ability to make people feel comfortable in your presence

20. You are a loyal friend and are always willing to offer a warm hug (Olaf reference anyone)

21. Your perseverance and determination to reach your goals

22. Your intelligence and problem-solving skills

23. Your adventurous spirit and openness to new experiences

24. Your ability to recognize when something needs to change in life, and being able to take action

25. The way you give compliments to others and make them feel special

26. The unique talents that set you apart from everyone else

27. The way you take pride in your work and never settle for mediocrity

28. Your ability to forgive, let go and move on with life

29. Your body and everything it does for you

30. Your great sense of fashion

31. You’re a good listener

32. Your bravery in speaking up for what’s right and wrong

33. Your passion for life and the things you love

34. You have a wild imagination

35. Your strong convictions and beliefs that keep you grounded

36. The way you never give up on yourself, especially during a hard time

37. Your ability to find joy in the little things

38. The way you strive to be a better person each and every day

39. Your optimism, even when things don’t seem to be going your way

40. The way you always stand up for yourself and don’t let people push you around

41. Your smile

42. Your great sense of timing and ability to connect the dots

43. Your honesty and integrity, even when it’s difficult to do so

44. The way you forgive yourself for past mistakes and focus on the future

45. Your courage to take risks in order to pursue your dreams

46. The way you never stop learning and growing as a person

47. Your dedication to helping others 

48. The way you show gratitude for the good things in life

49. Your ability to make others laugh and your infectious laugh

50. The way you’re always there for your friends, family, and loved ones

51. Your enthusiasm and excitement for life

52. Your sense of style

53. Your strong sense of self-confidence that never wavers

54. The way you take responsibility for your actions, even when it’s difficult to do so

55. Your courage to try something new and make mistakes along the way

56. Your generosity and the way you share your resources with those in need

57. The way you always look for opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally

58. Your personality, quirks and all

59. The way you never compare yourself to others and focus on your own journey

60. Your compassion and understanding for those who are going through hard times

61. The way you take initiative, make things happen, and own life

62. Your willingness to stand up for what’s right, even in the face of adversity

63. Your ability to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems

64. The way you don’t let your worries or fears stop you from achieving success

65. Your resilience and determination to never give up

66. Your strong moral values that help guide you in a meaningful life

67. The way you make sure to take time for yourself, even when it seems like there’s no time

68. Your kindness and empathy toward others

69. The way you trust your instincts and intuition to make the best decisions in life

70. Your determination to reach your goals, no matter how hard it may be

71. Your sense of humor can brighten up any room

72. The way you always keep an open mind when you listen to a different perspective

73. Your ability to stay humble, even when you’re feeling proud of yourself

74. Your positive body image of your physical appearance

75. Your great communication skills

76. The way you don’t let your past define who you are

77. You’re smart

78. Your ability to remain calm and composed in difficult situations

79. The way you always strive for excellence in everything you do

80. Your cooking skills

81. Your dependable

82. Your ability to fall asleep easily (or anywhere)

83. Your great sense of adventure that leads you to explore new places

84. The way you don’t take things too seriously and know how to have fun

85. Your ability to treat yourself with respect and kindness, no matter what

86. The way you uplift and encourage those around you

87. Your courage to be yourself and not follow the crowd

88. Your determination to make a difference in the world, no matter how small it may seem

89. Your ability to create a self-care routine that truly reenergizes you

90. Your capacity for endless love and compassion toward others

91. The way you don’t let fear or doubt stand in your way of achieving success

92. Your strong sense of integrity and morality that guides you through life

93. Your ability to set boundaries 

94. Your artistic talents 

95. The way you always strive for growth and improvement in all areas of life

96. Your courage to make bold decisions, no matter what the outcome might be

97. The way you don’t let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your potential

98. Your dance moves

99. You’re a fast learner

100. Your joy and enthusiasm for life keep you pushing forward

101. The way you don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do

102. Your willingness to take risks and make bold moves outside your comfort zone

103. The way you use your voice to stand up for what’s right, even if it makes others uncomfortable

104. Your tech-savviness

105. Your reading and writing skills

106. Your good habits

107. The way you always look for the silver lining in life, no matter how dark things may seem

108. You can figure anything out 

109. Your ability to stay humble and not let pride get in the way of your happiness

110. The way you face each day with a smile on your face and determination in your heart

111. Your musical abilities 

112. You have a great sense of humor

113. Your willingness to accept yourself, your flaws and all

114. The way you offer kindness and understanding to those who need it most

115. You avoid negative self-talk and treat yourself kindly

116. Your organizational skills

117. You’re a good friend

118. The way you never give up, despite all of life’s obstacles and hardships

119. Your ability to live in the present moment and appreciate what you have

120. Your willingness to challenge yourself and push your limits, even when it’s scary

121. The way you keep an open mind and always look for new opportunities and amazing things in life

Final Thoughts 

Self-love is an important aspect of our lives that everyone should include in their personal growth journey. I suggest that you create your own self-love list to be able to look at on tough days and remind yourself how awesome you are.

Don’t feel like you have to come up with 121 things (even though I’m sure there are), just a handful will do. Whatever resonates with you right now and you can always change your list as you evolve and become another version of yourself. 

It is truly the perfect antidote when you’re having a rough day. It is a great self esteem boost when your self-confidence strays a bit. Since there are going to be bad days on your personal growth journey, the first thing to remember is that you are a good person who is trying her best.

until next time,


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