Simple Ways to Romanticize Your Life

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How embracing everyday magic can romanticize your life

It’s easy to get caught up in the big romantic gestures, especially in the world we live in where everything is documented online for everyone to see. 

Where you can watch countless promposals to marriage proposals on TikTok…

Where we can brag about how awesome our significant others are when they do something romantic

& where you can see others at fancy restaurants or exploring new beautiful parts of the world 

it can be easy to think that your day-to-day is subpar or that you’re missing out.

But the thing is that we can romanticize our everyday life. It is actually quite simple but you have to slow day and notice all the little things around you. 

I know I can get caught up in the next big thing and miss the simple moments that can make life so special. 

Life is a beautiful journey, filled with countless opportunities for romance and enchantment. In fact, a study done in 2012 found that appreciating the little things contributed to an 11% increase in happiness!

What do you mean by romanticizing your life?

What started as a social media trend, romanticizing your life is simply slowing down and enjoying the little things in life. It’s taking the time to appreciate and value small daily moments that bring you joy so I think it’s a great trend to get on board. 

It’s really an extension of practicing gratitude and prioritizing self-care since you’re focusing on being present and thankful for small moments and doing things that fill your cup. 

Romanticizing your life is about infusing every moment with a sense of magic and wonder, creating a narrative that feels like something out of a rom-com. If you think about it, most rom-coms are based on normal situations. 

The ups and downs of moving away from home and going to college 

or graduating high school and trying to figure out what that next step looks like. 

Or rediscovering yourself in a new job. Sure there is usually a hot guy that comes into the picture but the main storyline is usually about the main character discovering something about themself and aligning with their true authentic self.  

Overall, it really is all about your mindset. With the right mindset, you can turn even the most mundane moments into extraordinary memories. How you choose to live your life can determine how fulfilled and happy you are because it’s all about perspective. I can feel joy sipping on my cup of tea while watching an episode of The Bachelor on a slow Sunday morning or I can sit there and be jealous of people on social media at brunch. 

It doesn’t change my reality but in one situation I’m feeling crappy and in the other one I’m enjoying the moment. It’s up to you how you want to perceive the situation.

Which one would you prefer?

Woman with the sun setting in the background. She is dancing with a blanket wrapped around her and she is happy. She is living in the moment which is a way to romanticize your life

Tips on how to Romanticize your life

If you search for romanticizing your life on social media, you’ll see a lot of different ways people are accomplishing this feeling. At the end of the day, it’s all about what brings you joy (yeah, I know that isn’t very helpful). So here are some tips on how I have started to romanticize my life. 

Living in the Moment and Being Present

It’s really all about being present in the current moment and truly living it to the fullest. So instead of constantly worrying about the past or future, take a deep breath and slow down.

This mindfulness allows you to experience life’s beauty in its rawest form.

Pay attention to the things that are around you. For example, dedicate some time when you’ll unplug and focus on the person you’re spending time with.

A lot of us, myself included have gotten into the habit of looking at our phones even when we’re in the presence of friends and family. I know emergencies come up and you may have to but try to limit this as much as possible. Unplugging is how you live in the moment in this day and age. 

Slowing Down and Savoring the Little Things

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the small details that make life special. The little things that will make our day-to-day feel magical are so easy to miss when we’re distracted. 

Which is completely normal btw, we’re all being pulled in a million different directions 24/7 after all but I encourage you to take some time to slow down. 

Take the time to relish in the simple pleasures: the warmth of the sun on your skin, sipping on your favorite cup of coffee or tea, working out & appreciating all that your body can do, or watching the birds outside your window. 

This is going to make your day-to-day feel more special.

Making the Mundane Extraordinary

Transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories is a true art. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a routine drive to work, find ways to infuse a little magic. 

Light a candle, play your favorite music or podcast, or take a moment to be thankful for the life you have are just a few examples. 

It’s important to remember that we’re humans and comparing ourselves to others out of the out-of-the-ordinary experiences is completely natural but they have ‘boring’ days too. Just like you, they are only showcasing their best lives.

A Mindset Shift towards Self-Love

Romanticizing your life begins with self-love. A lot of the things that ‘romanticize your life’ are actually acts of self-care if you ask me. The fancier version in some ways but to truly reap the benefits of self-care, it’s all about slowing down and being present in the moment. 

Another way to make your life feel more magical is not beating yourself up. Treat yourself the same way you would treat a loved one. Speaking to yourself more kindly and with more grace is going to help your mental health which is going to lead to more appreciation for the life you’re living. 

And stopping the good old comparison game is truly a game-changer. So try to stay in your own lane as much as possible (I know this isn’t easy).

So celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, and take the time to do things that fill your cup and bring you joy. 

Embrace Your Inner Rom-Com Protagonist

Channel your favorite rom-com character and bring that energy into your own life. Don’t be afraid to be a little whimsical, spontaneous, and open to new experiences. Remember, a lot of rom-coms are filled with seemingly ordinary moments and the main character getting out of their comfort zone. 

Outside their comfort zone or their typical routine, they’re able to discover something about themselves they didn’t know before. They fall in love with their love interest during typical moments which is why we love rom-coms. We can relate to them.

Of course, there is one big scene where they’re the center of attention but hey, they have to end the movie on a high note. Life is longer than a two-hour movie so those small moments can go on for much longer and that’s just life. 

So get out there, be in the moment, and bring that main character energy girl!

This is an Introvert’s Dream

Romanticizing your life is something that introverts naturally excel at. After all, we love moments to ourselves so we’re naturally going to savor that moment. 

Those solitary activities that bring you joy like writing, painting, or solo walks are all ways to romanticize your life. You have already been doing it without knowing it! 

And if that’s the case then you just need to stop overthinking it 🙂 

Romanticizing your life doesn’t have to be this grand thing in fact, it literally is the opposite. It’s all about those little moments in life that are going to lead to that fulfilling life you’re craving.

Ideas to Romanticize Your Life

To really reap the benefits of this trend, it has to be something that brings you joy and makes it feel like there’s a little magic in your life. 

So start by imagining your perfect day. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? Incorporate elements from this vision, and don’t wait for a special occasion to indulge in these moments of magic.

However, I know how helpful inspiration can be so check out these ideas if you’re looking for some ideas to romanticize your life:

1. Dress Up for Yourself

Even if it’s a day where you’re working from home, get ready. Dress up like you’re going to leave your house even if you aren’t going to.

It doesn’t have to be anything that isn’t cozy. Even getting out of my pajamas into ‘nicer sweats’ can make a difference for me. 

It can be an instant mood booster and get you out of a rut if you’re in one.

This is an example of romanticizing your life. A women is standing in her closet holding a pink dress so she can get dressed

2. Star Gaze

Spend a night under the stars, either in your backyard or at a nearby stargazing spot. Bring blankets and bonus points if you have a telescope.

3. Use Fancy Dinner Plates for Everyday Meals

We save our fanciest dinnerware for when we have guests but why not use them on the daily? I know it takes more effort but the results can be great.

Better yet, go a step further and set a full table with cloth napkins, napkin holders, and the whole table setting. You can have the ambiance of a fancy restaurant from the comfort of your dining room table (and it’ll be better on your wallet)

4. Read a Book Snuggled Up With a Blanket

Books can take you to faraway lands and ignite your imagination. Grab your favorite blanket and get lost in a whole new world. 

5. Have Fresh Flowers Around Your Home

There is something about flowers that is an instant mood booster. You can easily romanticize your life with some flowers that you bought yourself. So go out and grab the first flowers that make you smile.

6. Work by Candlelight

I love lighting a candle while I work. The soft, flickering light creates a calming ambiance, helping to set a romantic tone for your tasks, making them feel more enjoyable and meaningful.

7. Create a space that makes you feel Peaceful and Cozy

Ahh, this is the dream. Your girl loves to be cozy so it’s super important to me that my home feels super cozy and a place I can have inner peace. I know I feel much better when my space is clean and organized (which I’m human so it isn’t always the case)

Even adding a plant or two into your space can bring joy.

8. Spontaneous Day Trips or Taking Drives to nowhere in particular

This is a great way to break away from your routine. While routines are great for chasing goals and being productive, it is important to break them up from time to time to avoid burnout. Day trips or taking a drive introduces an element of adventure and surprise, allowing you to explore new places, get out of your comfort zone, and revel in the spontaneity that comes with it.

Women is sitting in her car, leaning on her driving wheel, looking up. She looks like she is taking in the scenery around her which is a great way to romanticize your life

9. Taking the Scenic Route

Even switching up your typical route home or to work can make a difference. For example, sometimes when I drive to work, I can feel like I’m on autopilot. I barely remember the drive at all! However, when I decide to switch up the route, I’ll notice things along the way and see things I never noticed before. 

10. Visit a Local Coffee Shop 

& Order the best-looking pastry to go with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy the calming music, people watch and enjoy being out of your bubble. 

11. Plan a Tea Party and Invite your Friends

My friends and I plan tea parties and I absolutely love it. We pull out the fancy tea sets we have and make an assortment of tea sammiches and other mini pastries, we even dress up in nice dresses like we’re going to the Plaza for at-home tea parties.

I always feel so sophisticated and happy after we do these. I should actually plan one soon.

12. Create a Dreamy Morning and Evening Routine

Think of ways that you can enjoy the little things in your life every day. Think of what you can add to your routine to accomplish this need for more romance in your life & add it! It’s as simple as that.

Work backward from the dream life you’re thinking about. What can you do today to get a little closer to this vision? 

13. Cook a Fancy Meal

Prepare a meal from scratch. Light candles, play soft music and enjoy the process of creating something delicious.

 14. Create Fancy Cocktails — Don’t forget the Fancy Glassware!

So many sophisticated-looking cocktails (and even mocktails) are out there nowadays. Go on Pinterest for some inspiration and make it!

I just saw this twist on an Aperol spritz that looks amazing for fall.

15. Dance Freely to Your Favorite Music

Dancing brings joy to so many people. It’s such an easy thing to do and it makes things like cleaning or organizing so much more fun.

You could even craft different playlists for the mood that you want to emulate. 

16. Indulge in Luxurious Fabrics and Pajamas

Now you can definitely find me in an old t-shirt and sweatpants a lot of the time but having a nice pajama set can be a game changer. 

Especially if you invest in upleveling your bedroom. Investing in some nice bedding can definitely add some magic to your life. With better sleep and a luxurious feel, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation on those slow Sunday mornings. 

17. Use Fancy Stationery for Letters and Love Notes

Everyone loves getting mail from friends and family but it’s something that isn’t as popular since it’s easy to send a text message, create a Facebook event, or an evite. These things are great (I do these things so I’m not bashing them at all) but I encourage you to get some nice stationery and send a note to a friend when you’re thinking about them. 

Express your gratitude that they are in your life or what memory came up when you thought about them. It’s going to make them feel so special and loved. 

an example of romanticizing your life is using fancy stationary to send letters to friends. This is a picture of a variety of envelopes with stamps & wax seals

18. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset 

There is something about watching the sun rise or set that is so beautiful and calming. 

19. Visit a Museum and Immerse Yourself in Art

Maybe it’s because you’re getting glimpses into past times or the fact that many rom-coms have a scene in a museum but I always feel my main character’s energy show up here.

20. Treat Yourself to Luxurious Items That Bring You Joy

Hey, I’m not materialistic but sometimes having nice things can bring me joy because it makes me feel fancy. It’s something special that I worked for or someone gave me out of love for me. 

21. Create your own Secret Garden

Have you read The Secret Garden? It was so magical and I loved it as a kid so why not create your own?

Cultivate a small garden space with your favorite plants and flowers. It can become a sanctuary for you to relax and connect with nature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be outside, you can create a space inside your house with your favorite plants as well. It could be a great place to hang out and relax.

And that is just a few of many ideas because it is up to you to figure out what brings magic into your life. Don’t overthink it because it is truly about the little moments that are probably already happening around you. You just need to stop and look around.

Remember, it all starts with mindfulness. Unplug from the chaos of the world and truly connect with the present moment. Embrace the beauty that surrounds you and let the romance unfold. Your life is your own love story waiting to be written.

Until next time,


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