33 Fun Summer Date Ideas that will get you Outside

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Ready to get outside with your partner now that summer is here? I have some outdoor date ideas for you to enjoy as a couple.

Date nights are SO important for your relationship. Life can get in the way sometimes, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship and you live together.

Making time to connect with your partner is essential. Summer is a great time to come up with some unique date ideas that go beyond going out to dinner. 

Even if you’re single, I always felt like I had the most luck on the dating apps in the summer. My fiance and I actually started seeing each other, talking, whatever you want to call it in June. (He didn’t officially ask me to be his girlfriend until September but we were dating way before that if you ask me). 

People seem to be more willing to go out when the warmer months approach which makes perfect sense! Unless you’re in cuffing season, but that’s a different story. 

Summer has also been my favorite time of the year. June is my birthday month, the days are longer and the weather is amazing. There are so many things to do in the summer that this is my longest list to date. 

You may remember some of these from my spring date ideas post. Spring or Summer, the weather is still great to be outside! I tried to switch it up for you so there are new ideas on this list.

But without further ado, here are 33 outdoor date night ideas for summer: 

1. Go Stargazing

With the warmer nights, it’s the perfect time to spend it outside. If there is a clear sky, it’s always fun to look up and see what you can find. There are so many apps nowadays that will even tell you what you’re looking at. 

2. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

There’s something about the summer sunrise and sunset that just hits differently. It’s the perfect time to get a cute picture of you and your significant other. 

Strike some poses and watch the sun go down (or up).

3. Fireworks

Summertime is the time for fireworks. I’m sure there are local events that are having fireworks especially around holidays like the Fourth of July in the States. 

Baseball teams usually have a few nights where they have fireworks as well. 

4. Catch an Outdoor Movie

Growing up, my parents took me to a drive-in movie and I loved it. It’s such a different vibe!

I really want to do this with my fiance this summer for a date night. (hint hint, if you’re reading this babe). 

5. Go for a Hike or Walk

Hiking is one of my favorite activities when the weather is nice. If nature isn’t your thing, even going for a walk is always good! 

It’s a great date to have some deep conversations since you aren’t on your phones. I feel like I have some of my best talks and thoughts while walking. 

6. Go Bike Riding

Bike riding is always fun. You can explore a new town much quicker than if you were walking. Or you can just bike in nature or around your neighborhood.

Remember when we were kids and all we did was bike around for hours? Why not bring that back with the LOML?

7. Take a Day Trip

I love day trips. They are so much fun! It’s a great memory for you and your partner to create. Whether it’s to a nearby city or town, it’s a great way to explore the areas around you. 

It’s a summer date that you’ll never forget!

8. Scenic Drive

If you don’t really have a destination in mind, you could always just go for a scenic drive through the countryside or mountains depending on where you live. 

Find a fun road trip playlist and spend some quality time together. It’s more about the journey than the destination anyway. 

9. Go to the Beach

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? On a date can be even better. Romantic strolls, enjoying time with your partner, and relaxing with your feet in the sand. Sounds heavenly. 

Now, I am aware that this is easier said than done depending on where you live but any body of water will do. 

So grab your sunscreen, bathing suit, and towel and spend some time soaking up the rays and the waves. 

10. Go to an Amusement Park

Amusement parks are a good time. What more can I say? Get the adrenaline going while you fly on a roller coaster. Or get soaked on the water rides. 

11. Go to a Baseball Game

Summer is the season for baseball. What is great about baseball games is that they are relatively cheap. I love going to baseball games for the experience and my fiance loves watching sports. 

12. Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts are a fun experience. You get to listen to some awesome artists and spend time outside. It’s a win-win. If you and your partner are huge live music fans this is a great outdoor date.

13. Try an Outdoor Exercise/Workout Class

Endorphins make people happy so working out can be a great date idea. If you take it outside, it’s a great summer date idea, right?

So burn some calories and spend some quality time with your man or woman. 

14. Run in a Race

man and woman running. Exercise can be a great outdoor summer date.

There are so many organized running events in the summer. So, find a race that supports a cause that you love and bring a date! 

The great thing about this summer date idea is that you have to train for some races so it can be a multiple date endeavor. 

15. Go Rock Climbing

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could go rock climbing. Now, this could be an indoor activity if you go to a rock wall gym but you could go old school and do it outside. 

16. Zip Lining

Ziplining can be fun. If it includes a high rope course it’s even better. Work with your partner as you navigate through the course high in the air or just enjoy the thrill of flying through the woods on a zipline.

17. Play Mini Golf

woman and man on a mini golf date. They are sitting on the green with their putters having a conversation.

Mini Golf can be a great way to get outside and do an activity together. Everyone can play mini-golf. Maybe not well but you’ll be able to get through the course. 

 18. Do something on the Water 

Summertime is the time to get out on the water. It’s a great way to beat the heat, especially in the super hot and humid months. 

I feel like being by the water is automatically more relaxing and there are SO many things to do. You go could sailing, ride on a boat, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, the list goes on and on. 

19. Find a Pool

man and women in the pool on a summer date. Women is in an orange inner tube with her arms wrapped around the man's neck. man has his around draped around her on the tube.

Speaking of water, you could go to the pool together if you aren’t near the ocean or a lake. Or if the pool is just more your speed. 

20. Water Balloon Fight

Bring out your inner child and get some water balloons and have at it. You could even recruit other couples and make it a fun group date.

21. Water Gun Fight

If water balloons aren’t your cup of tea, get some water guns. 

22. Go to a Garden

There are so many different gardens you can check out and most things are in bloom so it’s a great way to see all of nature’s colors.

If flowers and plants aren’t you and your significant other’s thing, then you could always go to a sculpture garden. 

23. Go to the Park

You could also just go to an old fashion park. Walk around, lay on the grass, and look at the clouds, whatever floats your boat. 

24. Have a Picnic

What can I say? I love a picnic. You can go as fancy or casual as you like when packing your picnic. Grab a bottle of rose and some cheese and crackers and that works too! Here are some drink and food ideas for some inspiration from the Daily Meal.

There are so many different ways to have a picnic that you can do this date a few times this summer. 

25. Ice Cream

a man and a woman sharing ice cream on a summer date. Man is holding the ice cream cone while the woman is taking a bite.

Warm weather, ice cream, and a date night sound like the perfect combination. All the ice cream shops are back open and depending on where you leave, you may even hear the ice cream truck driving around your neighborhood. 

So grab your boo and get a cool treat for an outdoor summer date. An added bonus if you can find an ice cream farm in your area. 

26. Outdoor Brunch Date

One good thing that came out of this past year is that so many restaurants are doing outdoor dining now. In the summer, brunch or dinner is probably best since it’ll be a tad toasty outside around lunchtime. 

27. Find A Beer Garden

Beer gardens are always fun. They typically have yard games, food trucks, and beer so it’s a very laid-back atmosphere. 

28. Go to a Winery

Wine is my alcohol of choice so I love when we go on dates to a winery. I think it’s a great outdoor summer date idea because they usually have shaded areas and then you can have a cool drink and some snacks and enjoy the views of the vineyards.

29. Roof Top Bar

Rooftop bars are a good way to get some views of your local city and enjoy a drink and some food. If you can get there right before the sun goes down, you can get a good view of the sunset which is an added bonus. 

30. Food Truck (or a Food Truck Festival)

I’ve been to a food truck festival before and it was so much fun! You and your date can split food which can be romantic… lady and the tramp anyone?

Walt Disney Animation Studios Love GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY

You can also have some fun and see who can pick out the best food item.

31. Backyard date

You don’t necessarily have to leave your house if you have a backyard. Fire up the grill, play some yard games or just relax outside.

Now that I’m a homeowner, that sounds very appealing for our date night since moving and decorating a house is expensive.

32. Outdoor Potluck or BBQ cook-off

Another double date idea is to invite some friends over and do an outdoor potluck or a BBQ cook-off. Either one you can vote to see who creates the best cuisine. 

33. Head to a Farmer’s Market

Spring and summer have so many fruits and vegetables in season. Going to the farmer’s market is a fun way to find new ingredients and cook a new meal together. 

And there you have it! I hope you found some ideas to get you and your bae outside. Summertime is a great time to enjoy the fresh out and have some fun in the sun.

Now, if you do want to beat the heat, I have a post on at home date ideas here.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite outdoor summer date idea is. Have you done anything fun that isn’t on this list? List us know so I can add it!

Until next time,

33 Fun Summer Date Ideas that will get you Outside

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