I spent ten dollars to reorganize my small laundry room

How to Organize a Small Laundry Room for TEN Dollars

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For months now, my laundry room has been cramped. I felt like I could barely get in there TO DO the laundry. Currently, I live in an apartment and we are fortunate enough to have a very small room for our washer and dryer but at least we have one. We can easily shut the door to hide the mess from guests. You know how some people have a junk drawer, well we have a junk laundry room. This has been a long time coming but I organized our small laundry room. 

Since I live in an apartment and hopefully I’m moving soon, there were a few things I didn’t want to do with this organization project.

  1. I didn’t want to make any new holes in the wall
  2. Commands strips were out because I didn’t want to risk damaging the walls
  3. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money since who knows what our next place will look like

Because of these reasons, I decided that I wanted this project to be done as cheaply as possible. This landed me at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree is a true dollar store meaning everything is a dollar. In my area, this is the most popular dollar store chain. Did you know you can order stuff from the Dollar Tree online? Check it out here.

I spent $11 total at the Dollar Tree but I only used $10 worth of items. So the results in my opinion are incredible. I really wish I decided to organize the laundry room sooner!

before and after of organizing my small laundry room

Here is how I organized my small laundry room for ten dollars. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for when you tackle your own laundry room.

1. Take inventory of what is in your small laundry room

First things first, you need to take a look at your laundry room. Brainstorm ideas. What could be better? For me, I needed to do the folowing things:

  1. Get some stuff off the ground
  2. Find a place for my resistance bands (I use these for assisting with pull-ups and chin-ups)
  3. Get the clutter off the top of the dryer.

As you can see from the below before pictures, my resistance bands were constantly falling off the corner of the shelf and the reusable bags were blocking the way to the washing machine.

Where I live, plastic bags are not allowed so we have to grab these reusable bags whenever we go out to any store. Most stores have alternatives to plastic bags such as brown paper bags or thicker reusable plastic bags. However, reusable bags are better in my opinion, and better for the environment.

You can see that we weren’t maximizing the space on the shelves. The top of the dryer also has slowly become an additional shelf. It is hard to reach the shelf above the washer since it’s hard to reach due to all the stuff on the ground.

I took pictures so I could look at my laundry room while I was at the Dollar Tree. Then I could assess all the stuff in the laundry room right there and then. I highly recommend doing this since it made it much easier when I was at the dollar store trying to decide what I needed.

2. Purchase the storage containers for organizing your small laundry room 

I went to the Dollar Tree since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but there is an endless amount of places you could go for storage containers. I was very tempted to go to Target since I knew they would have everything I wanted. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so the Dollar Tree I went. 

Honestly, I was also curious if I could do a whole organization project with items I found at the Dollar Tree. Definitely since when I move, my laundry room set-up could be completely different.

My one friend, who is a teacher, has said in the past that not all dollar stores are created equal and I completely agree. The one I ended up going to did not have a wide selection of items. In fact, the storage bins were few and far between. They really only had one shelf with storage bins. I actually ended up buying some food storage containers as larger bins.

What I ended up with was two over the hook door hangers, two small drawer organizers, two bigger drawer organizers, two Tupperware, three clear containers, and two blue bins for $10.

3. Declutter and clean the laundry room

The laundry room is small. We all know this, yet we try to cramp as much stuff as possible into this small space. The first thing I did was to take everything out of the laundry room. It was crazy how much stuff was hiding in there. Then I went through everything that was in the laundry room and decided if I needed to keep it or if it could be thrown away or donated. Luckily, since the room is small, this task didn’t take me too long to complete.

If you’re like me, my laundry room was filthy. TMI? It isn’t really a room that I think about when cleaning especially since it’s the size of a large closet. Since everything was out of the room, it was a good opportunity to sweep and Swiffer the floors. I also wiped down the washer and dryer. 

4. Organize your small laundry room!

This is the fun part. I tried to put as many items in bins as possible so that they had a home. This way I can put things back in their places. One con about buying the containers from the dollar store is that the quality wasn’t there. This wasn’t surprising but some of the containers are kind of flimsy. However, if you are on a budget they will do the trick.

I’ll go into more detail about each section but as you can see from the below picture on the left, there is NO organization. Everything is just thrown into there. Over on the right, you can see that everything has its place. The only items that are on the top of the dryer are items I need FOR the dryer or part of the clothes drying process. I also added bins on the shelves to create a cleaner look.

find a place for everything in your laundry room will add calmness to the room. Before picture of the laundry room and then three picture of the bins I purchased at the dollar tree

I didn’t change everything though. That pink laundry basket houses our extra sheets and the pull-up bar and the suitcase stayed put. I also didn’t move the plastic bags since they are handy for small trash cans and they were fine where they were once I removed the hammer and moved the Swiffer and broom.

Now let’s dive into each item I got at the Dollar Tree

Food containers are also useful for larger storage needs

Now, this isn’t the case at other stores or even maybe other dollar stores but this one had no large containers. This was frustrating because I knew I had some things that would need to go into bigger containers. If I had to split them into smaller containers, it just wouldn’t make sense.

I walked down the kitchen storage aisle just in case and came across these large food containers. These were perfect for all the Swiffer sheets we have. We have the Swiffer wet jet but also use it for regular Swiffer to get some of the dirt off the ground in between the hardcore wet jet Swiffering.

I’ve been practicing my calligraphy skills lately so I decided to label them. If I didn’t label them, I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t know where to find the Swiffer stuff. Can anyone else relate? I feel like he can never find stuff unless it is very clear.

food containers can be storage bins too

These also stack on top of each other nicely which is good since then I could add more stuff on the limited amount of shelf space I have in the laundry room.

Drawer Organizers

So I failed to take a picture of the small square organizers in the bottom left picture but the longer rectangular ones and the squares ones were a dollar each for a two-pack.

As you can see I used one to store some duster sheets and the other one to hold clothespins. The bottom left picture is items that I left on the top of the dryer but these are all things that are handy for the laundry process.

I used the small square organizers for things I find in my boyfriend’s pants pockets (and mine occasionally). Now, technically I find these before I put his pants in the washing machine but it’s still helpful to have them handy on the dryer to quickly throw them in the correct bin. Before, I was just placing all this stuff on top of the dryer anyways so at least now it looks organized.

I also wrote on these but that is up to you. I was on a calligraphy kick but it’ll also help keep me organized on what bin is for what item. Can you tell my boyfriend likes to golf? There is also a piece of coral in there from when we went to Jamaica. I guess it came home in a bathing suit.

Blue containers to add some color

If you’re wondering what the Penguins are, they are these wool dryer balls that replace dryer sheets. The last for 1,000 loads for each ball so they’re cute but also practical.

This blue bin was also only a dollar for a two-pack. I ended up only using one of the bins for now but I’m sure I’ll find a home for the other one. The dryer balls always end up in the laundry basket so it’ll be nice to have a place to put them since I don’t always have to use all six for a load.

What to do with all these bags?

We use these bags A LOT. Personally I like them better than plastic bags since you can fit more stuff in them. We live on the third floor of our apartment building so the more stuff that can fit in one bag, the better so we were using these long before plastic bags were banned.

I originally bought these thinking I could hang something off the shelves but none of the shelves are really high enough.

Since these bags are something that we definitely use on a weekly basis, I wanted them to be somewhere where it was easy to grab them but also easy to put them away. Otherwise, honestly, they would end up on the ground again. I bought two of these hooks since we have sooo many bags and I’m glad I did. They are small so I put them right next to each so I could get more bags on the door.

One downside of having the bags right there is that they stick out quite a bit but it’s better than them being on the ground if you ask me.

Clear plastic bins are always useful

Knowing full well that clear plastic bins could be used in more places than the laundry room, I spent the big bucks on these for $3. They were a dollar each. These are rather filmy so I do have to be mindful of that when pulling down the laundry stuff but other than that, it isn’t a problem.

They all came with a lid but I only used the lid for the resistance bands. I use these two times a week since I do not like the pull-up set-up at my local gym. Before I had them just hanging on the side of the shelf but they fell a lot and it was a pain to get the resistance band I wanted.

We honestly never really use our iron. Being real, we just throw it back in the dryer if it’s too wrinkled so I just used this bin so it had a home and it created a divider for where I’m placing the extra paper towels.

I only labeled the Laundry one because the iron seems self-explanatory (hopefully), and the resistance bands are something that I only really use so we should be all set there. We will see though.

and there you have it. It isn’t anything revolutionary but it only cost me $10 and it only took about 3 hours to accomplish. It was exactly what I needed.

Make sure that you organize your laundry room in a way that is functional for YOU.

If it isn’t functional, everything is just going to fall out of place and before you know it, it’ll be a mess all over again. I don’t want that for you so I suggest brainstorming how you could make doing laundry easier for you.

One of the easiest ways for me was that I needed to be able to access the washer easier. There was just too much stuff on the ground. I knew I needed to find a home for the reusable bags that was almost as easy as just throwing them on the ground.

I wanted to be able to access my pull up bar easier since I use it a few times a week so the easiest thing to do was to move the broom and the swiffer since they were also in the way. These aren’t radical solutions and they aren’t meant to be. I’m hoping that you find some of my dollar store hacks useful if you want to organize your small laundry room. If you’ve revamped yours recently, let me know in the comments below what you did.

Until next time,

How to Organize a Small Laundry Room for TEN Dollars

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