What is Organic Modern? Here’s how to get the look for your Living Room

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The term organic modern has been floating around in the design world for a few years now but it seems to be getting more and more popular. Home Decor has its trends like the fashion industry but I believe this one is here to stay.

It pulls in a lot of elements that are classic such as neutral colors and natural materials. This airy look really opens up a room and makes it feel more inviting. Since it is so welcoming, the living room is a great place to incorporate this design style. 

The living room is where most people spend a lot of their time when they are home. It’s also where you sit with your guests when they are visiting your home. 

There are few easy items you can incorporate into your home and you will be on your way to an organic modern living room. 

What is it?

Organic Modern is a mix of a few different decor styles. I think this is what makes it so popular because you aren’t tied to one specific style for your home. The biggest component is not surprising, the Modern decor style. 

The problem with your home being Modern is that it sometimes feels cold and unwelcoming. It’s just the byproduct of all the clean edges and the minimalist aspects so it’s easy to fall into this trap. That’s where organic modern comes in. 

Organic Modern makes the space more welcoming and cozy by adding aspects of nature and breaking up those harsh lines. Humans are naturally drawn to nature so we feel calmer and at peace in homes that include nature in their design. 

Where does this design style come from?

This decor style has also been called natural modern because of its strong ties to the great outdoors. Different designers explain this style in different ways. Some say it’s mixed with bohemian (boho), others say it’s influenced by the Scandanavian and minimalist styles. 

Some say it is modern and bohemian mixed because boho styles include natural pieces such as rattan furniture or incorporating houseplants into the room. I think boho is a little bit of a stretch in the organic modern world because bohemian is a little too eclectic if you ask me. It’s more focused on color and showing off all your findings from your travels and such. 

On the other hand, I think that the Scandanavian and minimalist styles definitely have a strong influence on the organic modern look. Actually, the words hygge and koselig are thrown around a lot when speaking of Organic Modern. 

My Danish and Norweigan readers may kill me for saying this but both koselig and hygge encompass pretty much the same idea of creating a comfortable and cozy life including a cozy home.

modern living room with organic modern touches including throw pillows an dplants

With the modern design, you would find hash edges, very minimal clutter, metal accents, and geometrical design elements such as light fixtures. As far as painting, the walls would be white (or another neutral color). If you ask me, I can see how this can feel cold and not cozy at all. 

Nature can add that coziness feeling to your home

That’s where nature comes in. In nature, you wouldn’t see harsh lines so it’s a good contrast to the modern design. Nature’s undefined lines will soften the harsh edges in modern decor. You’ll be able to create a flow much easier since nature is ever-evolving and flowing. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Organic modern is definitely still focused on minimalism and neutral colors. After all, neutral colors are a way to get a classic look for your home. It’s just about incorporating the Norweigan way of koselig (sorry Danes, I’m going to use koselig since this is Living Koselig after all). With a koselig mindset when decorating, your living room will feel comfortable and cozy.

For an organic modern-style living room, you would want it to feel airy so bulky furniture is out. The organic aspect calls for textures including rattan, cotton, leather, woven jute, sheepskin, pottery, metals, and other things you could find in nature. 

Where to shop this look

woman looking at modern lights at the store.

This decor style has become really popular over the years so you can find pieces that would fit the organic modern style pretty much everywhere. More and more people are realizing that we need to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the earth so repurposing and finding one-of-a-kind vintage pieces have become very popular. 

Now, if you’re like me and on a budget, you can’t completely furnish your home with furniture and decor that are handcrafted and made by local artisans. What I recommend is to find one or two items for your living room that are unique and you can’t find at a big box store and then use those as your focal points. 

Most places are picking up on this style but here are some suggestions for all budgets

  • Anthropologie
  • World Market 
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Vintage store
  • Local stores for unique pieces
  • West Elm
  • Crate and Barrel 
  • Target
  • Wayfair

Again, the use of neutral colors and nature has become super popular so most stores have these design elements so that is just a few ideas. I’ve even seen a lot of TikTok videos and Pinterest pins on how to create popular decor on a budget. Many are using items from the dollar store. This is good for those that aren’t convinced this decor style is for them but want to give it a try.

How to create an organic modern living room

There are many different ways to achieve an organic modern look for your living room. With any design style, the rules are meant to be broken so you want to design your living room how you want it to look.

Since the root of this design style is modern, I would recommend that your main pieces are more modern focus and the accessories are more natural. These two things complement each other very well so it’s just about finding that perfect balance for your room.  

As long as you love it, who really cares? Though if you are loving the organic modern look and you’re not quite sure how to achieve it, here are some key materials, furniture, and accessories for this style.


As far as couches go, getting a modern couch with clean lines is going to help you achieve this look. A lot of modern couches have thin legs so that the light can go underneath them to achieve that airy, minimalist look. If you have a smaller room, this technique also makes the room appear larger so it’s a win-win all around. 

The coffee table could go either way. You can get a modern coffee table and add natural accessories or a more natural inspiration table made of rattan or a wood element. 


modern light fixtures

Where possible, this style encourages you to let in the natural light. For example, a lot of Modern design architecture has these big windows. An added bonus is the more natural light you get, the cheaper your electric bill can be!

Although getting as much natural light as possible is awesome, I know it’s sometimes not possible. You have to work with what you have after all. I know living in my apartment, the light in here is just awful. 

But anyways, other than natural light, you want to have soft lighting. If you can dim it, that is an added bonus. You want to have a variety of lights so when it is nighttime, you can really light up the room. It also adds a nice texture when you have different light sources. 

On top of the actual quality of light, light fixtures can be a focal point. The great thing about lighting is that you can go either the modern or the natural way. I’ve seen a variety of light fixtures in organic modern homes. For the living room, you could have a geometrical shapes light fixture or use woven baskets as a lamp cover.


a variety of rolled up rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way to tie the whole room together since it anchors all the furniture. It’s also a great way to add some personality or some color into your neutral room.

For organic modern, you would want either vintage rugs or rugs made of natural materials such as wool. Moroccan rugs are also big in this design style. I wouldn’t recommend woven jute in a high trafficked area such as a living room since it will get worn down quickly. A flatweave rug is probably best. 


Adding modern furniture to a room is relatively easy. I say relatively since sometimes it’s hard to find the right piece of furniture to fit perfectly in your living room. The great thing about accessories is that you can change them up if you end up not liking the vibe they are giving off. It’s not an investment like furniture is what I’m saying. 

To create a cozy vibe, you need to add layers. It a surefire way to make your room feel more welcoming. Throw blankets are a great way to add those layers and achieve that cozy vibe. Gone are the days that they needed to be put away.


organic modern living room. There is a purple plant on the coffee table that is adding a pop of color. There are also other plants around the room breaking up the clean lines of the modern decor

Since you’re working with a neutral palette in this design style, adding pops of colors with throw blankets or throw pillows is a great way to add personality to the room. If you are strictly sticking to organic modern, I would go for colors that are found in nature like greens, earthly browns, or florals. Plants are actually a great way to add that pop of color. 

I’m not going to say easiest since keeping plants alive can be challenging but indoor houseplants are the most straightforward way to add nature into your decor. If you need some plants that are easy for beginners, check out this post. In this style, you see a lot of designers adding branches that match the season which is cool. It’s a super simple way to switch it up.

The last accessory is adding natural wood elements. In some living rooms, this could even simply be having wood stacked next to the fireplace.

Design Elements

Another way to break up the harsh lines that are commonly created in modern design is to add circular objects. This can be your coffee table, ottomans, or even adding arches. 

Arches are definitely a trendy paint design that is circling the design world and it really adds a nice element to the room. 

Final Thoughts

This look is pretty easy to add into your home decor. I know as I get older, I’ve been trying to add more and more natural elements into my design because it does add that extra touch. Nature has a way of bringing life into your home that cannot be replicated by other design elements.

Hopefully, you got a little inspiration from this post. I know I definitely want to try to incorporate this look into my new home because I think it looks airy and welcoming.

Until next time,

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