41 Cozy Fall Date Ideas You Have to Check Out

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Fall Date Ideas that will help you fall in love with Fall and more in love with your partner.

And just like that, summer is coming to an end. While I will miss summer, I am definitely excited for a change in season and pace! 

With Fall comes cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and even more time outside! We say goodbye to humidity so it’s even easier to spend hours and hours outside! 

While summer dates are fun, I think fall time is the perfect time to reconnect with your partner. Every season seems to get busier but with fall comes weddings and more opportunities to snuggle up to someone special. 

I also have a list of at-home date night ideas if you’re feeling a night in. 

According to Psychology Today, going on a date with your partner, especially the longer you’ve been with them is so important because it increases your feeling of friendship with leads to stronger emotional connectedness.

Life gets in the way sometimes and we’ve all come up with excuses about why we can’t this week but now is the time, friends! 

Even if your relationship is new and you’re still going on dates consistently, it’s important to switch it up sometimes! 

The below list is filled with budget-friendly ideas and not-so-budget-friendly ideas so everyone can find something they enjoy. 

So without further ado, here are 41 fall date ideas for you to enjoy. 

1. Apple Picking (or Pear Picking)

I know it’s basic but fall is the perfect time to spend some time at the orchards and pick some fruit! Apples and Pears are in season in the fall and there’s a lot of things you can do with these fruits. More on that later. 

I’ve always gotten amazing pictures while apple picking too. It’s a great backdrop for you and your partner to snap a great picture that is perfect for your fall decor. Or just Instagram. 

You could easily spend hours at the orchards just roaming around and looking for the perfect fruit to pick. 

2. Pumpkin Picking

Similar to apple and pear picking but I feel like it deserves its own spot on the fall date list since is it really fall without pumpkins? You can pick out pumpkins for decor or for carving! 

It’s also the perfect time to snap a cute fall pic! All the pumpkins around you are the perfect backdrop for a fall picture. There are so many picture opportunities in a pumpkin patch! 

3. Carve Pumpkins

Once you find the perfect pumpkin, it’s time to carve them! You can even turn this into a double date and invite your couple friends over to carve. I would suggest doing this outside if you can since it can be messy. 

You could make it a friendly competition and see who carves the best pumpkin. As long as you and your partner aren’t too competitive. 

4. Hay Ride

While hayrides can be included in an orchard visit, it is also a great date on its own. It gives you the perfect opportunity to snuggle up to your special someone while enjoying the fall foliage.  

5. Corn Maze

What is more fun than getting lost in a corn maze with your partner? Some corn mazes can be quite massive and it’s something that is only around this time of year so it’s the perfect fall date. 

At the very least, this activity can help you see how good you and your partner are at working as a team and in decision-making. 

6. Halloween Themed dates

The opportunities are endless here. Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Haunted corn mazes, scary movies, decorate your home, or a costume party to name a few Halloween-themed date ideas that come to mind. 

7. Check out a Local Festival

Fall is a great time to roam around a local festival! There seem to be so many in the fall including Oktoberfest. 

8. Picnic

While a picnic is great in other seasons, it’s also a great fall date idea. The weather is cooler so you can spend more time than in the summer at your picnic and you can see all the changes in the leaves. 

9. Puzzle Night

If you prefer a night in, a puzzle night may be more your speed. This is also a great teamwork activity and it’s something that could take hours (or days). 

10. Hike

Hiking in the fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect to be hiking up a mountain and you have the fall foliage all around you. There is something about being outside when the air is crisp and you can see nature changing around you.,

11. Go for a walk

It’s also a great time to get your steps in and go for walk. A walking date is a great way to have an unplugged date where the distractions of home aren’t there and it is a healthier alternative than going out to eat. 

So put on your walking shoes and have a nice long, focused conversation with your partner while you stroll through your neighborhood or local park. 

12. Camping

Camping in the fall is great because of campfires! It’s the perfect opportunity to cozy up to your partner around the fire. It’s also the perfect opportunity for some s’mores. It’s a win-win if you ask me. 

13. Bonfire (or fire pit)

And if you don’t want to go all-in with camping, you could just chill around a firepit and eat some s’mores in the comfort of your backyard. 

14. Brewery or Winery

Who likes warm beer or wine? Not me so that’s why visiting a brewery in the fall is great! Then you can slowly enjoy your beverage with your loved one. 

It’s also a great opportunity for you to wear cute fall outfits and take some pictures, especially at wineries! 

My fiance and I actually plan to take a day trip (or two) to semi-local breweries in our area so I’m excited to go on that fall date. 

15. Go for a Drive

Going for a drive with your partner is the perfect opportunity to be unplugged as well. You can tack this one on to a day trip somewhere or just drive to drive. It’s also a way to see your area changing with the season. 

16. Candy or Caramel Apples … or Baking!

With all those apples you picked at the orchard, there are a variety of ways to eat them including caramel and candy apples! 

As far as baking, my personal favorite is the apple pie but there is also the apple crisps, apple bread, apple cobbler, cinnamon apples, applesauce … need I say more?

17. Sign up for a 5k

If you’re looking for a more active fall date idea, signing up for a 5k is a great idea. Not only will you spend time on race day (if you and your partner decide to run together), you can also spend time training together. 

18. Farmer’s Market

Apple and pears aren’t the only produce in season! Check out your local farmer’s market to see the other options! Then you and your partner can go home and cook a delicious meal together! 

19. Coffee shop for a Warm Beverage

I’m not a huge coffee drinker so I’m going to say a warm beverage but fall is a great time to spend some time at a coffee shop! Warm liquids are way more enjoyable in the cooler months. 

Also, if a PSL is your jam, now is the time to get your PSL on with your partner. 

20. Game Night

A game night is always a fun date night. There’s more interaction than a movie night but you don’t have to spend money. 

21. Day Trip

Day trips with your partner are a great fall date idea (or any season really) because you are creating memories with your partner that will last you a lifetime. 

22. Hang Outside

Spending some time outside on your patio or porch can also be a great date idea. You can have some deep conversations and just watch the day (or night) go by. 

23. Ride Bikes

Riding bikes this time of the year is great because it’s not as hot. It’s a way to be active with your partner but it’s not as demanding as running. 

24. Cook

With fall, comes a lot of opportunities for meals you probably weren’t feeling in the summer like soup, crockpot meals, or pumpkin-themed dinners.

You could also add some competition into the date and do a chili cook-off. Make it a double date so you can vote on the best one. If it’s multiple couples, you and your partner can even make one together. 

25. Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are extra great when you can cozy up to your partner under a warm blanket and some popcorn. You can watch scary movies or whatever movie floats your boat. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can tackle all the Harry Potter movies for example. 

26. Fall Themed Cocktails

To get into the fall spirit, why not enjoy some spirits? Is that too corny? Anyways, see what you and your significant other can create with some of fall flavors like apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon to name a few. 

27. Indoor Blanket Fort

When is a blanket fort not fun? With the weather cooling down, it can be a nice cozy place for you to spend time together and channel your inner child. 

28. Football Game

Fall is the season for football. If you and your partner like going to sporting events, football games are where it’s at. Even if your partner loves sports and you don’t (or vice versa), tailgates can have some great food opportunities. 

You could even watch the game at home and make all your favorite tailgate foods. 

29. Hot Air Balloon Ride

I’ve never been on a hot air balloon but it seems so cool! To see the world from up above! You can hold on to your partner if you’re afraid of heights or just because. 

30. Horse Back Riding

Horseback riding is more fun in the fall if you ask me. It’s not as hot so you can enjoy the ride a little longer and you can ride through the woods with all the changing leaves. 

31. Rake Leaves (and jump into it)

Turn a chore into a date! Channell your inner child and jump into the leaves then rake them back up and do it again! The best part about it is once you are done, you can check something off your to-do list!

32. Stargazing

There’s something about looking at the stars and talking about what’s out there with your partner. You can get a nice cozy blanket and just lie in the grass and look up at the sky. The best part about doing this in the fall versus the summer is there are fewer bugs so you’re less likely to get as many mosquito bites. 

33. Volunteer

If you want to do something good and go on a date, volunteering is a great opportunity to get the best of both worlds. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities out there so find something that you and your partner would both enjoy. 

34. Make Candles

Since we’re heading into cooler weather, having some candles around can be a way to cozy up your living space. Making candles can be a fun activity because then you’ll be able to smell the candle at a later time and remember the good time you had! Even if the candle stinks, you have something to laugh about. 

35. Go Kayaking (or any boat)

While spending time in a boat is fun during the summer, during the fall it’s easier to spend more time in the boat without having to jump in! Especially if you find a lake or river because you can enjoy the fall foliage around you!

36. Have a Field Day

Another way to channel your inner child is to have a field day! This could easily be a double date where you invite some friends over and make it a friendly competition. You could play games such as cornhole, bocce, and even do a pumpkin decorating contest to get in the fall spirit. 

37. Fall themed Scavenger Hunt

Need I say more? There’s something special about doing activities that are focused on the season you’re in. You could do this at home or go into town and look for pumpkins, scarecrows, or witches! 

38. Try a New restaurant

There’s never a bad time to go to a restaurant but in the fall they always have pumpkin-themed dishes on the menu. If you’re a foodie, then checking out a new restaurant is always fun and trying new dishes. 

39. Amusement Park

It’s much more fun to run around an amusement park when you aren’t sweating to death, amirite? Some amusement parks even have Halloween-themed nights.

Tackling the big roller coaster is also fun when you have your partner in crime there by your side. It’s also creating a memory that will last you a lifetime. 

40. Drive-in Movie

If you ask me, anything is better when you can cuddle with your partner under a warm blanket. So let’s get retro and go to a drive-in movie theater. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss! 

41. Go Ride on an ATV

The only time I ever went ATVing was as a kid and it was so much fun! I would love to do this with my fiance and ride through the great outdoors!  

And there you have it! If you didn’t notice, I used the word ‘cozy’ a lot (maybe too much?). But then again the word ‘Koselig’ is all about the cozy things in life! 

While I love summer (my birthday is in June after all), fall activities are my favorite! The weather is way milder in the fall and the dreaded humidity is gone. 

What are some fall date ideas that you are looking forward to this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, 


41 Cozy Fall Date Ideas You Have to Check Out

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