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15 ideas for that extra spare room in your house

Did you just move into a house? The biggest perk about moving from an apartment to a house is how much more space there is! Even if you’re in an apartment, you may find yourself in the first-world problem of having an extra room.

My fiance and I just moved into a four-bedroom house which gives us a lot of space. Currently, we don’t have any babies and we aren’t planning on having kids in the near future. First, we need to plan our wedding and get used to being homeowners. 

So while those extra bedrooms will come in handy in a few years for nurseries and kid’s rooms, the possibilities are endless now. After all, we have three bedrooms to play around with. That doesn’t even count the front room we have. 

So if you’re like my fiancee and I and can’t agree on what to do with those extra rooms, here are some ideas on what to do with the extra spare room in your home. 

Here’s an article from HGTV on general organizing tips for extra rooms (one that most of us are culprits of is putting extra clothes in extra closets).

1. Guest Bedroom

Let’s just state the obvious one first to get it out of the way. A guest bedroom is a great way to fill that extra bedroom. Then you can invite guests over from far away and they can spend the night. It’s also good for any unexpected visitors.

The way you organize a guest bedroom is endless. As long as you have a bed you can get creative. You can make your guest room multi-functioning if you aren’t one to have guests over often. 

2. Office

One of our spare bedrooms is going to be my home office. This is especially good for the smallest bedroom. The bedroom I’m turning into my office is honestly a little small for a bedroom but it’s the perfect size for an office.

With the world becoming more virtual, businesses are allowing their employees to work from home more so it’s not a bad idea to create a space to work. Make sure you get a nice comfy chair (you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in it), a nice big monitor, keyboard, mouse and you’re good to go.

I want to get a dry erase board in my office so I can write a to-do list or brainstorm ideas. It is also nice having an office so you can put important documents in there so it’s easy to find. 

3. Dressing Room

I really want to make the spare bedroom next to our master bedroom into a dressing room or walk-in closet. My fiance doesn’t agree with my vision quite yet but he’ll get on board. 

We are going to compromise and put a day bed in there for the off chance that we have more than one guest at a time. I just think it’ll be nice to have a space to get dress and put on our extra clothes. 

I want to get a big mirror, maybe a vanity and of course dressers to store our clothes. If this is your forever home, you could go all out and get built-in closet space and shelves for shoes and clothes. 

4. Man Cave or She Shed

My fiance has a ton of sports pictures and memorabilia so I’m giving him a room to put all that stuff in. Granted, it is also our spare bedroom but it can be his man cave when we don’t have guests spending the night.

But, there is also an option for us girls to create a space for ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a shed. That way you can make the room how girly or manly you want. It’s a good way to compromise on other areas in the house. 

5. Sitting Room 

Another option is to create a cozy space to relax in. You could buy a sofa bed or futon so it’s a little more multi-functioning but if you want a space dedicated to relaxing, this could be for you.

A room for you to go and relax and the opportunities there are endless. It’s somewhere between a casual family room and a more formal living room. It makes more sense for an extra room downstairs but you could turn a bedroom into a sitting room as well.

You could also create a sitting room in a room downstairs so if people want to split off into smaller groups they can. 

6. Home Theater

If you’re a big movie enthusiast, you could go all out and create a home theater experience. Get some surround sound, black-out curtains, comfy reclining chairs, and a big flat-screen TV and you’re all set.

Then you can watch your favorite movies over and over again and enjoy the movie theater experience. Just make sure you have some popcorn handy. 

7. Hobby Room

You can also dedicate a space to a hobby. If you’re a musician, artist, or into something that needs its own space, this can be a great room to keep everything. My one friend is really into crocheting and she has a lot of yarn so it would be good to have a room dedicated for that so it’s not in the way.

It’s also a good way to get away from other members of your household away so you are able to focus on your craft. This is what hobbies are all about anyway, right?

Here are some ideas for a Hobby Room:

  1. Art Studio
  2. Craft Room
  3. Project (for DIY-ers) Room
  4. Sewing, Crocheting, or Knitting Space
  5. Music Room/Recording Studio

8. Game Room

If you’re a gamer (old fashion board games or video gamer), an extra spare bedroom can be a great space to store all this stuff. Board games can easily take over a lot of space so displaying them in a game room is a good way to organize them.

For old fashion board games, you could get a big table so you can play with a crowd. You could even go all out and get a pool table or some darts. You could also make it into a cool video game room and have all your controllers and consoles in one place. 

9. Indoor Garden

If you have a green thumb, you could dedicate a room to an indoor garden. It’s a good way to get your crops ready if you live in a part of the world where it’s not always warm enough for your plants. It’s also doesn’t have to be complicated and it can just be a room with a lot of greenery. 

Nature has a way of being relaxing so why not bring a little nature into your home? 

10. Library

If you love to curl up with a good book, how about a room dedicated to all your books? You could build floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and proudly display your collection. Then get a comfy chair to sit and read in. It would be a great place to relax while you escape to another world.

Get that library at the Beast castle … any book lover’s dreams? Beauty and the Beast anyone?

11. Bar

If you have an extra room downstairs, creating a room to hang out and be a bar-like setting can be fun! There are many different types of bar set-ups you can buy online then get some bar stool and some bar decor and you’re good to go! It would be great for entertaining and cheaper than going to the bar.

12. Home Gym

If you’re into fitness, it’s great to have a home gym. You don’t have to worry about a commute so it really cuts down on the gym time. The plus side of having it in a spare bedroom and not in the garage is there are fewer bugs and temperature controlled. 

You can create your own yoga studio, meditation center, or have a bunch of strength training equipment. I have a home gym (in my garage as a disclaimer) and I love the convenience of it!

13. Pet Room

If you have a furry member of your family, you can give them their own space to chill out. You can put all their toys in there and a comfy place for them to chill. It could be a cat’s dream with one of those castles tower they can climb on. 

14. Laundry Room

If you can get the logistics of moving your washer and dryer upstairs, then this could be a good idea. Ours is in our downstairs bathroom so this sounds super appealing. Especially not having to walk downstairs to do laundry. Sign me up.

This one is probably the least practical one on this list but a girl can dream. 

15. Storage Room 

And last but not least, you could create a room to store extra things. This would be especially useful if you don’t have a garage or attic. Or you have too much stuff and those spaces are already filled. Extra spare room for all your extra things sounds like a good combo.

At that point, you may want to declutter but if you’re a hoarder, it’s an idea. If you need help decluttering, check out my article on tips on decluttering your home.

One of the best (and worst) things about moving to a house is how many ideas you can think of to fill the space! It can be a little overwhelming at times but it’s definitely fun to organize space into something you love.

Or maybe that’s just me. 

Let me know in the comments below what you’ve done with that extra spare room in your house.

Until next time,

What to do with that extra spare room

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