Your Ultimate Daily Planner for tracking your habits, schedule, and intentions & creating a routine that works for YOU!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Ultimate PLANNER is for you!

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I know what it is like to be living life on auto-pilot, not living up to your full potential.

I get it, I was there once until I started doing the work and started building more self-awareness through setting monthly, weekly, and daily intentions so I had a solid plan & tracking my days to see where I was self-sabotaging.

It took a lot of trial and error until I found a routine that worked FOR ME and supported the person I wanted to become.

But the good news is…that doesn’t have to be you! I want you to have the questions I ask myself monthly, weekly and daily to ensure I’m on the right track towards my goals.

Because how will you know if you’re on the right track if you don’t take the time to stop and reflect on how you’re currently living?



You deserve better…

The Ultimate Daily Planner can help you obtain the self-awareness required to create a monthly, weekly and daily routine that helps you stay energized and ready to check things off your to-do list with ease.


I’ve got you covered.

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This is the only DAILY PLANNER you'll ever need 👇

With the Ultimate Daily Planner, you will...

What You'll Get

Daily Prompts for the Morning and Evening

to set yourself up for success

Weekly Trackers

to prepare for the week

Monthly Planner

to set intentional goals and reflect to improve going forward

Journal Pages

to get your thoughts out of your head & tackle hesitations head-on

If you're looking to gain more awareness and finally figure out how to create a routine that makes you feel alive


By using the Daily Planner, you'll go from being overwhelmed & exhausted to knowing exactly what you need to do on a daily basis to stay energized and on track...


No, the pages are a fillable pdf that’s easy to fill out on a laptop

Consistency is key when it comes to finding a routine that works for you so it’s important to do this daily (at least Monday through Friday if you’re a 9-5er)

I recommend carving out at least 10-15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to work through the different prompts in the planner. I would also carve out some time to plan out your week and month, the day can depend on what works best with your schedule.

Yes, the pages are labeled on the top with the day of the week or if it’s intended to be filled out on a monthly or weekly basis

This is going to be different for everyone. To start identifying patterns, you’ll have to consistently fill this out for at least a month. This would allow you to review all the planner’s pages at least once.

To get the best results, focus on becoming 1% better. I recommend only adding or removing one thing to your routine each week and waiting until it becomes automatic to repeat.

I used to feel like I was living my life on autopilot.

I was just going through the motions waiting for the weekend and feeling pretty unfulfilled, which led me to frequent naps and Netflix binges.

I realized that this wasn’t getting me anywhere close to the life I wanted so I started taking a hard look at how I was spending my time.

I was able to analyze what I was doing and I began to see how I could be 1% better, and get a little closer to the person I wanted to be.

& this made all the difference

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The Ultimate Daily Planner

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