11 Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas that’ll instantly get you into the Fall Spirit

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11 easy decorating ideas to make your home cozy for fall

Now that October is here, the fall vibes are in full gear. Those chilly nights are back which means it is time to pull out your fall decor! 

This time of the year is tricky because it is freezing in the morning and at night but scorching hot by 2 PM! Good thing, we know how to be cozy around here! Blankets and sweaters are definitely our friends. 

Seasonal decor is fun and gets you in the spirit but sometimes it’s hard to justify buying all the fall decor that will just be displayed for a month or two. If you’re pulling out Halloween decorations, it seems like you just pull it out and it has to go back into storage. 

Don’t worry, there are easy decor tricks that can help you get into the fall spirit without shelling out your full paycheck. 

One of my favorite things about this time of the year is that there are so many seasonal activities and events happening. Between Halloween parties and apple picking, there is so much to do!

An added bonus is that some of these activities can help you pick out your fall decor! You know I’m talking about pumpkins here, right?

On top of all the fun events going on, this is the perfect time to cozy up with a nice warm blanket either inside or outside with a warm beverage. You’re going to hear me mention blankets a lot in this post… #sorrynotsorry

That’s the one downside of summer! It’s hard to cozy up in a blanket when it’s so hot outside. But anyway, let’s not get too much off-topic here.

So without further ado, here are 11 fall decorating ideas that will get you in the fall spirit and in the Koselig spirit. (I had to throw it in there)

But let’s be real, with Living Koselig, we’re always in the Koselig spirit 😉

1. Candles

As the sun begins setting earlier and earlier, it’s the perfect time to pull out the candles! Adding candles can really change the ambiance: romantic, cozy, and relaxing! 

I love lighting a candle and just relaxing after a long day at work. Even working on content for you is more enjoyable by a nice-smelling candle.

Candlesticks are a great way to get the fall decor going and can be inexpensive. To go full-on fall, I would get darker candles for your candlesticks. 


2. Fall Scents

This one goes hand in hand with candles but there are so many fall scents out there! I made it its own category because you can achieve fall scents in other ways than just candles. Baking or sprays to name a few.

Scents can trigger memories and remind your guest of their childhood memories of making apple pie with their grandma, for example.

Between pumpkin, apple, campfire, or wood scented candles there is bound to be a scent that grabs your attention.

I am personally a huge apple and pumpkin scented candle girl. I’m basic, I know. 

3. Layers

Layering isn’t just for clothing this time of year! To beat the temperature swings of fall, you need to have the ability to add and remove layers. A blanket is a perfect way to do this if you’re just hanging on the couch with your friends and family. 

A great way to give your home a cozy fall vibe is to pull your blankets out from bins and layer them over furniture or hanging out of baskets. 

This creates a cozy feeling and encourages guests to grab a blanket to wrap themselves in. People are way more likely to grab a blanket if it’s right next to them. Calling their name…

4. Incorporate fall colors

Fall has so many vibrant colors. Many people associated fall with the changing leaves colors so orange and yellows. It’s easy to give any room a pop of color with this color palette! 

If you don’t want to go as bold as orange and yellow, try incorporating rust and copper tones into your decor. You can even add some gold. Or compliment the bright colors with gold or rust accents.

Any natural, earthy color will honestly do.

5. Autumn branches

One fall decor trend that works really well is to incorporate fall branches into your decor. Replacing summery flowers with fall branches is an easy way to completely change the vibe of the room. 

Nature naturally brings coziness to a space since humans are drawn to it. The best part is that it can be free depending on what’s in your backyard. Or maybe you can find something good on a hike!

Otherwise, if you invest in some fake seasonal plants, then you’ll have them for years to come. Just make sure, it won’t put a burden on your storage space. 

The cabin vibe is great for this time of year. 

6. Leather

Leather jackets and leather decor, both give you the cooler weather feel. Since leather is darker by nature, it is definitely a fall trend. Especially because let’s face it, leather is cold when the weather is frigid.

This one is probably the least practical unless you have a leather couch that you use all year long but there are ways to make that couch pop for this time of year. For example, if you have a black leather couch, get a bright orange blanket to layer on top of it.

7. Wreaths

Who said wreaths had to be just a holiday thing? Wreaths are starting to make their way into all the seasons. Fall wreaths are relatively easy to make. Just add in some yellow and oranges for a pop of color and you’re good to go! 

8. Seasonal fruits and veggies (like pumpkins and squash)

Now, I can’t write a fall decor post and not include pumpkins! Pumpkins are so versatile for fall decor. You can get pumpkins in a variety of colors and they easily add a fall vibe to your home.

You can display pumpkins as centerpieces, outdoor decor, coffee table decor, fireplace decor, you literally see pumpkins everywhere this time of year. 

Carving pumpkins or just displaying pumpkins are the most common option but you could also paint them. Here’s a link to Better Home and Gardens for different inspiration on what to do with pumpkins (did you see the Chinoiserie pumpkins — so elegant!)

After all, pumpkins = fall, right? Tis the season for pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin muffin, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin everything! 

9. Fall patterns

Plaids or chunky fabrics are a great way to give your home a cozy fall look. There’s plenty of decor with pumpkins on it as well. You can even switch out some of your wall decorations for more fall looks. I have some pictures of my fiance and me in costumes or in front of pumpkins that I love. I just switch those pictures out for other pictures in the house and the room already has more of a fall vibe!

It’s an easy way to add pops of orange or fall looks into your home. A fall aesthetic should include some orange and reds, similar to what you would see in nature during this time of the year.

10. Lights

Tea lights can add such a cozy feeling. With the weather cooling down, the fall time is the perfect time to hang outside on your porch or patio with some lights hanging around and a warm blanket. 

Bonus points if you have a firepit and can make s’mores. I love firepits this time of the year. I can’t wait until we get one for our home. 

11. Spooky Vibes

If Halloween vibes are more your speed, you can decorate for spooky season. Fake spider webs, some jack o’ lanterns, and ghosts. There’s a lot you can do.

We decorated by putting fake cobwebs on the trees and rocks in our yard and a huge spider web coming off our roof with a big spider. It’s a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit!

There you have it!

A nice and short blog post but really, to create a fall decor, you just have to start going for it! 

If you’re on a budget with decorating, definitely grab some throw pillows and blankets so they are multifunctional. I also like to print out some fall photos and display them around the house for an inexpensive way to dress up the house. There is also a ton of ideas out there for decor using items from the dollar store!

It’s such an easy way to change your decor with the seasons!

Let me know in the comments below how you decorate for fall? What’s your go-to decor?

Until next time,


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