Are you feeling uneasy about your next move in life?

When a chapter ends and you’re uncertain about the next thing, keep this in mind. Are you currently closing a chapter in your life? If you are, take a deep breath because change can be scary. Whether that is being single, graduating college, or becoming a mother, you’re stepping into the unknown. While this is […]

33+ Screenless ideas to do when you’re bored at night

Here’s what you do when you’re bored at night and you’re tired of social media and TV We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long day at work so you’re excited to go home and relax but then you find yourself counting down the hours until bedtime. And wondering if this is really what adulting […]

This is the key to finding your passion

How to find my passion when IDK what it is We put way too much pressure on finding our thing.  The thing that’s going to make us happy and fulfilled for the rest of our lives. But the thing is that’s not possible.  We’re constantly evolving after all. I don’t have the same priorities I […]

11 Benefits of being an introvert

There are so many advantages to being an introvert In today’s society, being an introverted person is perceived as a bad thing. “Oh, she’s too quiet” “You need to talk more” “Why would you want to spend your Friday nights in?” We live in an extroverted society, where being the loudest is often perceived as […]

how to practice mindfulness in your daily life

Mindfulness activities to ditch the autopilot and take control of your life Technology has given us the ability to connect with people we would have never been able to back in the day. Between social media and even this blog, we’re able to ‘meet’ people like never before and it is a really cool thing. […]

17 Mindset Hacks for a happier and more fulfilling life

Use these mindset hacks to live life to your full potential Your thoughts and feelings have such a significant impact on your life. It is kinda crazy how much things can change depending on how you are feeling and how you are speaking to yourself on any given day. I know that if I’m hangry […]

Stuck in a Rut? Here’s How to Find your Passion as an Adult

Start living a more fulfilling life by bringing more passion to the things that you do as an adult. If you’re like me, you checked all the boxes that everyone tells you to do growing up. You went to college, picked a sensible major, found a 9-5 with good benefits and you’ve been slowly working […]

10 Ways to Increase your Energy Levels and Become More Motivated

You don’t have to be perpetually tired all the time. Here are some ways to increase your energy levels. In today’s society, many of us feel like we always need to be on the go. If you’re relaxing, then you aren’t doing enough or you’re missing out.  But this leads to burnout and feeling like […]