99 Gratitude Affirmations to feel more thankful, fulfilled, and happier

Positive affirmations to feel more grateful and Aligned. With the holidays quickly approaching, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and a little burnt out. Especially since fall brings colder weather and shorter days (who else hates that it’s dark right when your 9-5 day is over?) However, if you are able to build a deep […]

40 Positive Affirmations for Wellness and Healthy Living

Practice these wellness affirmations daily to increase your overall well-being. You may know the importance of exercising and eating well to live a healthy lifestyle but did you know that positive affirmations can assist in this area of our lives as well? After all, mindset can be a driving force in any aspect of your […]

100+ Empowering Daily Affirmations for Women  [to soar to new highs]

Positive Daily Affirmations for Women to feel uplifted and ready to tackle anything that comes their way. Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can help women to overcome negative thoughts, build self-confidence and manifest their happy life. When you repeat positive statements on a daily basis and believe in them, they can help you […]

65 Goal Affirmations to Help you Reach Your Dream Life Faster

Check out these daily affirmations to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams! Goals, we all have them but unfortunately, we don’t always succeed. This is part of being human but we can learn from these failures. Now, this isn’t a post about smart goals. I have other posts about that. This […]

55 Powerful affirmations to build confidence and self esteem

Check out these self-love affirmations if you want to have more confidence! Do you want to build more confidence but you aren’t sure where to start? One amazing tool I use is daily self love affirmations! and the good news is that positive self love affirmations are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Feeling […]