Gratitude Challenge: 30 days of thankfulness to get you started

Check out this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge to incorporate gratefulness into your daily routine. I could go on and on about gratitude. Taking the time to think about all the good things in life can really boost your mood. After all, mindset is everything. I really believe that gratitude is one of the first things […]

52 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Feel More Fulfilled

Reasons why being thankful can improve your mental health and gratitude journal prompts to get you started. Isn’t it crazy how much our mood can affect our outlook on life? We live in a world where it is perfectly normal to be super stressed out and to run from one thing to another. Hustling is […]

How a Gratitude Journal will change your life for the better

Mental health is becoming more and more mainstream and that is fantastic! It is so important to make sure you are feeling great inside before you are able to serve others and be the best version of yourself! One of the things that have really helped me with my mental health is a gratitude journal.  […]