Is the fear of failing limting your success?

Why the fear of Failure is preventing you from reaching your full potential Have you ever taken a moment to stop and reflect on your life? Have there been opportunities that you passed up because you weren’t sure if you’d be able to actually do them? And if you tried and it didn’t work out […]

How to build more social confidence – quiet girl Addition

How to feel more confident during social events when you’re naturally quiet  Does the idea of walking up to a stranger and talking to them sound crazy?  I know, why would anyone do that? I always felt so awkward. So don’t feel alone, there are many people that struggle with this.  I know this struggle […]

7 ways to overcome shyness as a quiet woman

You don’t have to be shy forever, here are ways to start working towards being bolder.  One of the biggest misconceptions about being an introvert is that you’re shy. However, these are actually two different things. I use to be super shy and introverted and I felt like that was just the way I was. […]

8 tips for setting boundaries that you’ll actually stick to

How to set boundaries that are good for your soul as an introvert.  Boundaries are everywhere. They determine our countries, our states, and our land, and they even protect our mental well-being. They seem so simple when I talk about them in terms of states and lines on the map but when you’re trying to […]

How to say No confidently as an introvert

Five tips when saying no as an introvert We’ve all been there. Someone is begging you to go out to that crowded bar or to their sister’s party where you aren’t going to know anyone … and you just don’t want to. It doesn’t seem fun but they’re telling you how much fun it will […]

10 Ways to stop overanalyzing everything and finally calm your mind

You don’t have to overthink everything, there is a way to stop overanalyzing and put those worried thoughts behind you. “Hmm, that response was a little more hostile than normal” “Am I walking too fast?” “Maybe the way I worded that in those text messages was too harsh.” Do you blow situations out of proportion […]

61 questions to ask yourself to take your confidence to new levels

Looking for ways to improve your self-confidence? Check out these 61 questions to increase your level of confidence. We all know that one girl. She walks into a room and new people instantly flock to her. She always says the right thing and she just radiates this unshakeable confidence that we all admire and wish […]

The Best Way To Gain Confidence: 16 Activities Guaranteed To Help

Actionable confidence-building activities you can try today! Confidence is something that ebbs and flows throughout life. Some days you’re just going to feel more confident than others. It’s part of being human. However, if you are constantly feeling down or that you aren’t good enough, then you may want to increase your self-esteem and confidence. […]

The Power of Manifestation for Self-Love and Confidence

How to manifest self-love and confidence to live a more fulfilling life Ahh, manifestation. Is it woo-woo or does it actually work? To me, it depends. Social media gives it a bad rep because you see all these posts that are like, “Respond with YES if you want a million dollars tomorrow”. Which let’s be […]

11 Tips on How to Carry Yourself with Confidence

Here are 11 tactical ways to build self-confidence We all know that feeling confident is important, but it can be tough to boost our confidence levels. Throughout my life, I’ve never been the most confident person in the room. My face turns red very easily and that has always been a huge insecurity of mine. […]