How to Keep a Clean House when your Partner is Messy

You don’t have to accept this messy life! Here’s how to keep a clean house when your partner is messy. Let me start off by saying I love my fiance but his lack of cleaning drives me nuts. I can tell where he has been in our house because he leaves little presents for me […]

What to do with that Extra Spare Room

15 ideas for that extra spare room in your house Did you just move into a house? The biggest perk about moving from an apartment to a house is how much more space there is! Even if you’re in an apartment, you may find yourself in the first-world problem of having an extra room. My […]

Where to Start when Organizing Your New Home

Make your move easier with these organizational tips when moving to a new place So you just moved into your new home! First off, Congratulations! Whether this is a house you purchased or a place you rented, it’s an exciting time in your life. You’re off living your own life and making adult choices so […]

Actionable Tips towards Decluttering your Home for good

You’ve finally decided it’s time to declutter your home and are looking for some tips on how to even get started. Looking at a cluttered space all day can be draining. I’ve been wanting to declutter my space lately. With spring finally being here, I think decluttering and reorganizing may be on a lot of […]

How to Organize a Small Laundry Room for TEN Dollars

I spent ten dollars to reorganize my small laundry room

For months now, my laundry room has been cramped. I felt like I could barely get in there TO DO the laundry. Currently, I live in an apartment and we are fortunate enough to have a very small room for our washer and dryer but at least we have one. We can easily shut the […]