11 Benefits of being an introvert

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There are so many advantages to being an introvert

In today’s society, being an introverted person is perceived as a bad thing.

“Oh, she’s too quiet”

“You need to talk more”

“Why would you want to spend your Friday nights in?”

We live in an extroverted society, where being the loudest is often perceived as the way to get ahead in life. That you have to be aggressive to beat out your peers. 

But being the loudest doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re right. I bet you can think of a situation where someone was just talking to talk but at the same time was making absolutely no sense.

I spent years trying to be an extrovert but it was just against my natural tendencies. Sure, I definitely had mindset blocks and social anxiety due to my lack of confidence but I also had this perception that being an introvert was an awful thing.

That something was wrong with me.

Which lead to my confidence tanking even more and my shyness increasing until I decided to claim my introversion. To shift my mind into believing that being an introvert has many benefits.

So I took back that word and started leaning into all my strengths that came more naturally as an introvert. 

What makes you an introvert?

Being introverted and shy are often used to describe each other but that is not necessarily true. 

Rather introverts get their energy from within which means their energy is drained after social interactions. In other words, introverts look inward and are often creative, thoughtful, and empathetic. 

On the other hand, shyness comes from a place of fear. If you’re afraid to speak to people then you may be suffering from social anxiety. 

A lot of times, a lack of confidence can be confused with introversion. However, there are extroverts out there that have crippling social anxiety so just because you’re introverted doesn’t mean you’re doomed to always be afraid to show your true self. 

While a packed room filled with a bunch of people can be draining for an introvert, they aren’t afraid to build connections and be in the room. It’s more so that an introvert will need to partake in some good old self-care after being in that crowded room.

This is important to keep in mind because being an introvert does not hold you back from shining. 

From showing the world your true self. 

But awareness is everything and if you know you’re an introvert then you can know your superpowers and lean into them. 

Since our brains are literally wired differently.

11 amazing benefits of being an introvert

Society needs introverts. Some of the greats like Rosa Parks, J.K. Rawlings, and Einstein were all introverts. The world needed their introverted demeanor or mind to accomplish what they did. 

Even Lady Gaga considers herself an introvert (which maybe that’s why she wore all those crazy outfits… to create a barrier to all the chaos). 

But there are so many introverts out there shining as their true selves. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re doomed to solidarity. That you’re going to end up dying alone and failing to thrive. 

It’s quite the opposite. Once you know you’re introverted then you can incorporate that needed ME time to recharge and then be able to show up fully in your day-to-day to reach your dreams. 

You’ll be able to build those quality relationships and crush that limiting belief that being an introvert is bad. 

But if you need more convincing on the benefits, I’m going to list out 11 amazing reasons why being an introvert is actually a superpower. 

1. You’re focused

You don’t need stimuli from the outside world so you can really focus on the task at hand. 

Do you know the people who can seem to drown out everything around them? Get lost in a good book? They’re probably an introvert who can really hone in within. 

Being able to stay focused can lead to introverts becoming an expert in their field because, without the need for external stimuli to gain energy, they have extra time to focus on what interests them. 

2. You’re creative

To be creative, you need to spend time alone to really get into that daydreaming mode. To be able to travel to a different world or see things differently. 

Introverts tend to be the nerds, the outcasts because we aren’t looking to social media or people for energy or inspiration. 

It gives us the mental space to see things differently and use our imagination since we spend more time in solitude with our thoughts. 

3. You’re observant 

Introverts have a knack for being able to read the room and act appropriately. We have the awesome ability to be able to tell if someone’s vibe is off. 

You also pay more attention to detail. This is why introverts can get drained because they’re picking up everything around them. 

My partner is a full-blown extrovert and sometimes I don’t understand how he can’t recall what the person was wearing or what color the couch was. 

But that’s just the difference between introverts and extroverts. I notice everything while he is focused on talking to as many people as possible.

4. You’re a thoughtful speaker

Introverts don’t usually speak before they think which makes our words mean more. The downside is that since we’re thinking, we aren’t quick on our feet, but that’s okay. 

Since you have the knowledge that you need to be able to process information for a little longer to really articulate your thoughts, you can bring some talking points to the conversation or there is no shame in taking a minute to take in what the speaker is saying and then being able to respond thoughtfully. 

As long as you’re prepared, you’re going to be able to speak thoughtfully and add a lot of value to the conversation. More value than just speaking to speak. 

5. You’re a good listener

Since introverts aren’t big talkers, we are usually great listeners. We like to take in information so it is only natural that we like to listen more than we speak. 

Introverts also have a knack for empathy which is really powerful when it comes to truly listening to the person talking. 

While extroverts process information on the fly, introverts process information internally and thoroughly so we can really listen to what you’re saying, what you mean, and provide some thoughtful feedback. 

This is where being observant also comes in handy because you can pick up on those non-verbal cues and the vibe the person is letting off which can be powerful in how you chose to respond. 

6. You have quality relationships

It’s all about quality, not quantity here so you aren’t going to have friends just to have friends. Our need for deep connection is going to help you build stronger connections with people.

As far as romantic partners, you aren’t going to waste your precious energy on anybody so introverts typically are very thoughtful when choosing their partners. This can avoid a lot of heartbreak from jumping from one relationship to the next. 

This is important to remember since there is this bias that introverts hate people. Which of course isn’t true. 

You can be an introvert and still build meaningful relationships. There are many introverts that have great friendships and great marriages. Don’t let being introverted be an excuse to not put yourself out there. 

If you’re afraid to talk to new people, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and give it a try. 

Maybe even try online dating apps or connecting on social media. Then at least you can do it from the comfort of your home and when it is convenient for you. 

When I was in the dating game, I liked online dating apps because I could get to know the person before I had to try to socialize with them face-to-face. It seemed to keep the small talk to a minimum since you already started having meaningful conversations online. 

It’s going to be scary at first but ask the person about themself. Get to know them. 

7. You make a great leader

This may sound a little contradictory but since introverts aren’t one to step into the spotlight, they will likely highlight their team’s success. It isn’t about them and they are going to want to share that spotlight with others.

Being a great leader isn’t about being the loudest in the room. It’s about being able to listen and help people grow into their best professional selves.

As a manager myself, I think being observant and thoughtful helps me work with each individual and help them grow. I notice when someone is working hard or is overwhelmed which then gives me the ability to help.

8. You’re independent

Since you need that quality me time to recharge your batteries, you’re naturally independent. Extroverts need external stimulation in order to feel energized while we don’t so we don’t need others as often. 

This gives introverts the time to deeply explore passions and hobbies. To get creative and spend the time really getting to know yourself.

To be able to thrive, you have to have self-awareness. If you want to live a life that you’re obsessed with, you can’t rely on others for your happiness or to be around all the time. It’s important to be alright with being alone so you can learn about yourself and be able to work on those dreams.  

Since introverts like alone time, they are going to naturally crave it more so they are setting themselves up to really work hard on their goals.

9. You naturally respect boundaries and personal space

Since introverts are naturally more reserved, you’re more likely to respect people’s personal space.

Also, you are probably going to respect people’s boundaries because you know how important boundaries are.

And on top of that, going back to benefit numero tres, since you’re observant you’re going to be able to pick up on those non-verbal communication cues happening. 

And benefit #5, you’ll actually listen to the person when they mention these boundaries or their need for space. 

If you need help with boundaries, I got you covered here.

10. You’re a problem solver

Introverts think things through. This gives us the chance to really get down to the core problem so we can solve it. 

None of that surface-level stuff.

We like going deep into issues and figuring out the why. To solve problems, you need to be able to think through the issues thoroughly. Maybe even pull from past experiences which introverts are really good at. 

11. You usually make good decisions

You think things through so this usually leads to good decisions.

(but remember we’re human so we’re going to make mistakes). 

You overanalyze and over-research everything so you’re most likely going to have all the facts before coming to a decision. 

Once you know that you tend to overanalyze and get stuck in analysis paralysis, then you can use your superpower of analyzing for good. I personally set myself a deadline that I have to finish it in a set amount of time.

For blog posts, for example, I tend to try to read all the articles, books, and podcasts to be able to provide the best information to you.

Which is awesome! 

But it also leads me to read a bunch of articles with similar information instead of just writing from my heart and what I’ve learned. 

And missing weeks since I’m too busy researching when I could have had a quality post by then. The perfectionist in me had to learn to ditch perfectionism.

Introverts can be quietly confident and live the best lives

You see, being an introvert is amazing.

There are so many benefits and once you know that you are introverted, it is easier to act accordingly. 

And to make sure you incorporate self-care into your routine so you can charge up those introverted batteries.

(but really everyone should include self-care into their routine, even extroverts need time to themselves). 

So gone are the days when being introverted is a bad thing. Let’s take back the word quiet and turn it into something great.

Because we’re all here, thinking up the next big idea or the next Harry Potter and everything in between. 

Until next time,


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