What is Alexa & Living koselig all About?

Alexa's Story

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Hiiiii! I’m Alexa, 

I’m an introvert who has a complicated relationship with people pleasing, making decisions and finding what my ‘thing’ is

I was living life on auto-pilot, going through the motions when I realized I needed to take back control.

I wanted to start living life for myself and not anyone else.

So I turned to personal development to figure out what I really wanted and fall in love with who I am. 

& throughout this journey, I’ve learned so much and found that the secret to happiness is to slow down and enjoy the process.

Now, I want you to come along on my journey because I don’t have it all figured out at thirty something. 

I probably won’t have it figured out at seventy-something. So let’s navigate this crazy thing called life together!

My Mission

I’m making it my mission to become a more decisive, non-people-pleaser who gets things done so that I can find my true passion in life and live to my fullest potential while enjoying the small cozy moments in the process.

Why I started Living koselig

For the longest time, I believed that being quiet was a bad thing and that it would hold me back from living a truly extraordinary life. 

Living Koselig started as an all-purpose type of blog because a passion of mine has always been creating and writing but it has slowly turned into a personal growth blog that focuses on enjoying life’s little moments and indulging in the cozy moments.

I’ve learned a lot on my personal growth journey and now I want to help you on your journey.

 I really want to be an example for other introverts of what is possible and bring awareness of how many awesome introverts there are out there and that you don’t have to be the loudest in the room to achieve all your wildest dreams.

So what does Koselig (pronounced “koosh-lee”) even mean?

It’s a Norwegian term that doesn’t translate to English directly but many describe it as the meaning of coziness and deepening your connection with others. All the good things in life… 

The secret to an extraordinary life is to fall in love with the pursuit of your goals

- Alexa

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